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20 Romantic First Date Outfits Guys Love

20 Romantic First Date Outfits Guys Love

First Date Oufits Guys Love

Hey lovelies, welcome to my blog. Today I will pen up about the most fantastic outfit ideas that every girl needs before her first date. Don’t worry; I know many questions hover in your mind regarding choosing the correct outfit for your special day. Today I will erase all your dilemmas about what to wear on your first date outfits guys love. 

Wow, you got the text of your crush to ask for the date. My Gawd, butterflies of nervousness, runs inside your mind, and why not? 

After all, it is your first date. I know you are nervous about the first date look, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories needed to glam up on your first date. I will discuss what to wear on your first date outfits guys love to make them struck with hotness.

I know all pretty girls have different clothing choices. I will give you numerous clothing ideas and hope that it will indeed halt all the confusion. PinkPoop will make it extremely easy for you, and after reading the full blog, you will surely reach the decision. We always keep on our eyes on the latest trends and fashion currently hitting on the fashion charts.

Furthermore, share your first date outfits that the man finds attractive, in the comment section; I will love to hear your fashion ideas. So please do comment.

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Top 20 First Date Outfits Guys Love.

#1. Denim Jacket + Midi Skirt

Denim Jacket and Midi Skirt

Elevate your style with a sexy denim jacket and a structured skirt and stilettos. Despite being simple and easy, these combinations will earn a bundle of compliments. Get a vibrant, funky, and dazzling midi skirt and pair up this with striking accessories, and you are ready to shine. Hey, don’t miss sharing your first date story with PinkPoop. Do comment.
Hairstyle Recommended – Simple Bun
Accessories – Wrist watch or stylish hand bag.

#2. Jumpsuit + High Heels

Jumpsuit and high heels

Add sassy high heels to classy jumpsuit that suit your body perfectly. You can add a straight hair look that enhances sex appeal with this look. Remember one thing you should not do outrageous things with the look. Try to stick with minimal makeup if it’s not a night date.
Hairstyle Recommended – Straight hair look.
Accessories – Wrist watch or stylish hand bag.

#3. Baju off shoulder Dress + Diamond Stone Earrings

Jumpsuit and high heels for first date outfit guys love.

You can settle for this combination of the off-shoulder dress. You can pick the color of your choice but try to go for the subtle one. This sassy combo can easily accommodate your day to night date look. This combo will surely give your curves a fantastic look and make you stand tall anywhere to spend your first date.
Hairstyle Recommended – Topknot pony, Topknot bun.
Accessories – Sexy Danglers

#4. Statement Top + Clutch

Statement top with hang bag or clutch.

This look is the stunner. This top’s sleeves add cool vibes to your first date look that will undoubtedly be loved by any guy. The neckline gives a beautiful look as it provides a skin treat to your man. On top of that, you can carry the hand thing of your choice. I love to go with the clutch as it easily fits your hands and gives an effortless style.
Hairstyle Recommended Simple straight hairstyle.
Accessories – Sexy neck chains.

#5. Denim Skirt + Belt

Wear Denim Skirt and belt on first date outfits guys love

This is a heart smasher look that you can carry on your first date outfits guys love. And I am so confident about this look when you put a skirt with a unique belt on your waist. Try to add some style like tucking your shirt or top inside the dress so that you can save your ass from looking like a 6th-grade uniform. I think you can rock in this attire, adding beachy loose waves. 
Hairstyle Recommended – Loose waves, Beachy loose waves.
Accessories – Neck jewelries.

#6. Blazer + Boyfriend Jeans + Sneakers

Include blazer, boyfriend jeans and sneakers first date outfits ideas guys love.

You can indeed pull off this look by adding confidence in your persona. A white blazer always looks classy. You can spice up this look by adding boyfriend jeans and sneakers. It is one of the uncomplicated and not-trying-hard-fashion outfits that can create magical moments on your first date. And I think this is the most lovable and attractive style for first date outfits guys love.
Hairstyle Recommended – Straight hair, ironed hair.
Accessories – Wrist watch and sexy belt.

#7. Crop Top + Sexy Glares + Denims

First date outfits guys love

I adore this look as it is a sweet and comfortable look that is not difficult to pull off. All you can do is to add black glares and denim with your crop top. I love to prefer this look with add chunky and funky bracelets on my wrist. And I will love to carry this look with messy hair.
Hairstyle Recommended – Messy Bun, loose waves.
Accessories – Glares, funky chains, or bracelets.

#8. One Shoulder Top + Neck Accessories


There is something so saucy and sassy about this one-shoulder top. I think this will surely win the heart of your date. This choice can quickly give an easy transition from day to night look. You can pick this idea for your first date outfits guys love that is hassle-free. You can pair up this one-shoulder top with a skirt or jeans.
Hairstyle Recommended – Messy Bun, loose waves.
Accessories – Pendants, earrings, or hair clips.

#9. Cold Shoulder Top + Sailor Pants + Hand bag

Cold Shoulder top and sailor pants for first date outfits that guys love.

This is a pure delight, and I’m always gravitating for this look. The cold shoulder top look with sailor pants can make your day. You can easily impress your date with your walk. So don’t think that it’s too simple. Remember, simplicity is always attractive to men. And carry a handbag; this will add lill bit sassiness to your vibe. So get ready to copy this style for first date outfits guys love.
Hairstyle Recommended – Straight and Ironed Hair look.
Accessories – Pendants, earrings, or hair clips.

#10. Sailor Pants + Black Top

Sailor pants and black top.

Get your sailor pants reserved for a funky black top. You will feel super comfortable in this combo. When I carry this look, it’s hard to resist my white sneakers as it looks crisp and comfy. So, comfort lovers go with this look. Many guys are crazy over this chic, effortless go style. So will you choose this for the first date outfits guys love?
Hairstyle Recommended – Simple Bun.
Accessories – Pendants or chains.

#11. Romper + Wedges

Romper and Wedges

No matter what kind of date you have, but romper never fails to create magic. This is why rompers are versatile buy. For me, this is one of the comfiest outfits to pull for the date. This looks smart and flattering when you team up with wedges that add extra inches to you. But make sure, wedges are comfortable so that you can remain at ease for your first date.
Hairstyle Recommended – Simple Bun.
Accessories – Pendants or chains.

#12. Pleated Skirt + Leather Jacket

Pleated Skirt and leather jacket.

This look is a real deal who wants to look sexy on the first date. The men indeed admire this look. You can adorn this look with a faux leather jacket, that certainly add style factor. And, the girls who are conscious about curvy hips then this can make you comfortable. I am in love with my metallic skirt, and I love to embellish this look by adding strappy sandals or heels. This look takes a perfect transition from day date outfit tonight-date outfits, all you need to take a shift from loafers to heeled boots once you clock off.
Hairstyle Recommended – Topknot pony style.
Accessories – Pendants or chains.

#13. Voluminous Sleeves Crop Top + Trousers

Voluminous Sleeves and Crop Top Trousers

If you’re heading for the bubbly dinner date, I find this combo is the most romantic idea to choose on the first date outfits guys love. The night date demands some incredible outfits that are quite similar to what we can wear at night parties. However, you can choose what you like, but you might go for this voluminous sleeve crop top if you want to be specific for your first date about the dresses. This is perfect for giving a profound impression. You can finish this look with black sandal heels; sexy danglers will do nicely.
Hairstyle Recommended – Straight hair or curly hair.
Accessories – Bracelets, pendants or danglers, hoops.

#14. Satin Skirt + Ankle Boots

Satin skirt and ankle boots.

Make the first impression so hard that your future bae got speechless after seeing your style. I highly suggested this look if you want to choose an outfit that can even go well with no date day. To boost your confidence with a satin skirt, you can team up this with a shirt or layering it can be an option. Make yourself feel like a super sexy babe. 
Hairstyle Recommended – Curly hair, loose hair, Beachy curls.
Accessories – Bracelets, glares.

#15. Feather Tie-knot Blouse + High Waist Jeans

Feather tie knot blouse and high waist jeans

Make the first impression so hard that your future bae got speechless after seeing your style. I highly suggested this look if you want to choose an outfit that can even go well with no date day. To boost your confidence with a satin skirt, you can team up this with a shirt or layering it can be an option. Make yourself feel like a super sexy babe. 
Hairstyle Recommended – Curly hair, loose hair, Beachy curls.
Accessories – Bracelets, glares.

#16. Sexy Shirt + High Waist Jeans

Sexy shirt and high waist jeans

I love this sassy shirt style as this goes with such ease. It doesn’t take much time to think about how to complete the look. All you can do is find the sexy shirt of your choice and club up this with your high waist jeans. Go can finish up this look with kitten heels and sandals that boost your comfort. I think you can surely go with this look for the first date outfits guys love as it saves your time and makes you less conscious.
Hairstyle Recommended – loose hair, Beachy curls.
Accessories – Bracelets, Glittery handbag.

#17. Black Skinny Dress + Diamond Dangle

Black skinny dresses with diamond dangle.

If you want to look sexy and sensual at the same time, then adorn this sultry look. It looks super hot as it flaunts your lovely silhouette. If you ask me I sweat for 2 hrs in a gym, I will love to show-off my curves. So grab this one shoulder body-con dress and show off curves proudly, and yes, spice up this look with nude pumps.
Recommended Hairstyle – Straight, messy-bun, loose hair.
Accessories – Danglers, hoops.

#18. Ripped Jeans + Crop Top

Ripped Jeans and Crop Top.

Who says you can’t be casual on your first date. I think it is the best way to impress you, man. This is a perfect cool chic look. That is why it is a staple for every first date outfit ideas. This combo is sophisticated, polished that can take you anywhere. If you are thinking of wearing ripped jeans on your first date, pair it with a funky t-shirt. You can go with minimalist sneakers to point mules.
Recommended Hairstyle – Straight hair, messy bun, loose hair.
Accessories – cute wristwatches, hoops.

#19. Blazer Dresses + Heels

Blazer and heels

This blazer look is smart, fashionable, and sexy all at the same time. It gives you an excellent hourglass shape to your figure. I think it is a perfect idea for the dinner date or any night date. And you are getting to flaunt your sexy, freshly shaved legs. If black is not your thing, then you go with any color of your choice. Flatter your sexy curves on your first date.
Recommended Hairstyle – Straight hair, Bun.
Accessories – Handbaghoops.

#20. Sassy Top + Loose Trousers

This elegant look can be your style partner for day to a dinner date. This look is very casual, so it doesn’t borrow your much time to think about styling. This summer outfit will give you a classy and sophisticated look throughout your date. So you can carry this look without thinking much. 

Recommended Hairstyle – Straight hair, bun.
Accessories – Handbaghoops.

5 Best First Date Tips For Girls

This elegant look can be your style partner for day to a dinner date. This look is very casual, so it doesn’t borrow your much time to think about styling. This summer outfit will give you a classy and sophisticated look throughout your date. So you can carry this look without thinking much. 
Recommended Hairstyle – Straight hair, bun.
Accessories – Handbaghoops.20.

After giving 20 best clothing tips for first date, I would like to provide you with valuable advice that eliminates your nervousness for the day and makes you more relaxed and confident. Here are five first date advice and tips for you that will help you make a terrific impression on the first date.

Prep up yourself with your date’s dos and don’ts – Sometime’s the first date can make you feel uncomfortable and a little cumbersome. So it is always recommended researching your date’s likes and dislikes on their social media accounts. This research makes you reach into the mind of your date’s preferences. It will help you to relax your mind and help you to fill the weird silence in between the talks. Always remember your little efforts can go long.

Dress correctly and comfortably – My advice is that when you are picking out the first date outfits, you should go for the one that defines the real you. Wear something pretty, but not that in which you remain conscious throughout the day. I want to share what I do when I go for the date; I usually avoid plunging neckline as my half of the mind remains there to adjust your top. So I love to go for casual clothes though I am a big accessories fan, so I always pair up the look with fantastic danglers or hair accessories. Thus choose the dress which gave you confidence and peace that much needed for the day.

Avoid controversial conversations – Some topics like exes, religion, or politics are not advised in the initial days of courtship. Well, this is my advice, as I believe every person has a different perspective. Your thought might differ from the guy you are meeting on a first date. So, choose the topic wisely, and I suggest you engage in the issues that bring out the jolliness. And, when the date is ending, you both wishing that day won’t end. So make your first date the best day of your life.

Maintain your body language – Try to make eye contact and let your body speak out. Don’t make your body stiff like crossing your arms, staring at the phone, looking around the place, etc. All these things made your date realize that you are reluctant. So maintain a good posture that always attracts a man because it indicates a woman’s natural confidence.

Let him pamper you – Most men feel it’s a compulsion to pay on the first date. Suppose you are uneasy about his benevolence, then don’t hesitate to raise your hands to split the costs. I think guys love your spirit and effort of equality.

5 Tips on How To Make An Impression On Your First Date.

Must reach on time – Well, I consider arriving early at the venue, which is far better than arriving late and giving excuses. As on the first day, no one is interested in listening to your story of coming late. Always plan to reach early and make yourself flexible for delays or taking the wrong turn.

Have a captivating smile – It is true, A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” A beautiful and affectionate smile will make you and your date at ease. And I am sure a cordial and warm smile is always a winner when it comes to first date impressions. But don’t overboard it as it looks fake and hollow.

Use your eyebrows smartly – Body language experts suggested use your eyebrows in a way that your first date feels that his presence is welcomed. It is suggested that when you meet a person with a wide-opened eye slightly than the normal one, it indicates friendly identification.

Body Postures Matters – One should avoid putting your hands on your hips and crossing your legs while standing. These postures can suggest your arrogance or superiority. Try to tuck your stomach in and hold your shoulders back, feel you are pulling upward from the top of your head.

Use Soften up Formula – This is the last but not the least tips that one should follow on the very first date. Soften up says – 

S stands for smiling – Give a genuine and warm smile that easily make someone happy.

O stands for – Open arms gives the signal that you are a lively and genuine person. And the person who is stiff and sitting in crossing arms suggests that he or she is hiding something; this is how our mind works. So keep this in mind while walking down to him.

Forward Leaning – Your forward-leaning indicates that a person is paying heed to you and is very interested in whatever you say.

Touch – Touching in the right way creates a subconscious bond and gives a warmness to a person’s heart. Touching can be beautiful when you do it appropriately. Touching on the wrist, the hand is totally fine. Remember to do it with your heart, or it will seem insincere.

Eye-contact – Try to keep your eye-contact on with your first date as it will give him the confidence to speak more his heart out.

Nodding – A conscious nod and subconsciously signals are good things. Examples are “I agree,” “you are correct,” “yes”! However, too much nodding makes you look anxious.

Undivided Attention – I think nothing is sexier than getting full attention from the first date guy. Don’t look here and there else you will lose him.

Positivity – Be positive and optimistic is the rule. Always try to appreciate the weather or the surrounding things instead of crying or mourning over it.

So follow the SOFTEN UP formula from today and realize the positive energy you will get from your surroundings.

So these are some magical formulas that one should always remember. And you never know your first impression can take from 30 seconds to a lifetime. And once you learn this trick, then it is hard to reverse.

The Best 5 Tips on First Date Conversation?

When it comes to your first date, it always makes everyone nervous. So I will give you the five best tips for the early date conversation starters. This conversation starter gives you benefits in starting your convo with your first date. A real and organic conversation is best, and it’s natural to get a little nervous on your first date. So let’s discover the ten ways to flatter your first date guy with your eloquence.

Ask about their friends and family – You can simply start your conversation with the phrase “Tell me about your family or friends.” With this starter, you can learn about his family’s. No need to worry if his family’s story is hard; you can respond positively like Wow, your family is so strong. How you tackle or overcome that situation.

Can ask about their talents – You can ask, “What are your skills or interests”? This can make your date going smooth and fun. You can have chocolate chip ice cream if you like, so it will give you the reason to extend the date timings.

Don’t shy about getting creative – As the dating progress, you can switch by making your creative mode-on. I have a few recommendations like What kind of films put you in a good mood? What is the movie which you love to watch again and again? What is your favorite guilty pleasure food? However, it would be best if you did not force yourself with this creativity to look forceful.

You can be Date Journalist – Yes, you can be a journalist by displaying the inquisitive trait. Though it should not be like an interview, all you need to do is learn the behavior and parts of your first date, guys. You can ask about: What are the loveliest memory of school? What is your bucket list? This makes your date to open up and share his thoughts with you. This technique encourages him to tell him more about himself. And you also got the chance to explore your common interest and help you to decide that you want to see this first date again. But remember, don’t sound like you are reading an article. Your flow should be natural.    

Ask about what they do for their living but not about its salary – It’s OK to discuss work and things related to it. But how you would feel if someone to whom you are meeting on a first date asked you how much you make, or what kind of car you own? This question makes you feel weird and awkward for the listener, and he can think you are only interested in his bank accounts.

5 Romantic Foods To Order On A First Date

Even I was quite stressful on my first date. I have researched what to eat on my first date, as I do not want to get awkward with my dish. I will recommend not ordering messy cheeseburger and spaghetti because these dishes sometimes make you look sloppy and untidy. I am saying this because I have already experienced the same lol. So better prepare with some choices that you would like to see on your plates. 

 Pasta – Pasta is on the first list of my choice. Pasta like farfalle and penne can be a fantastic choice for the first date. The best part about is that you can pierce it with the fork, and the grip helps you avoid stains on your clothes, so if you like pasta and want to get more straightforward, then indeed, pasta is an incredible choice.

Quesadilla – This choice is compact and clean. This helps in retaining your lipstick and save you turning into a joker. This is a fantastic food choice on your first date. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain anything that can give you bloat and avoid any clumsy and uncomfortable time later.

Oysters – This is the ultimate choice for the first date food. This is very much less in calories, and it reduces swell so that you won’t feel uneasy. And oysters come into natural plates that make it less messy to eat. It is casual food, so it doesn’t make you wait for a long to be on your table. It is more like a snack that you can enjoy with the drinks. And yes, they’re an aphrodisiac (just telling).

Rice Dishes or Risotto – I am an absolute rice lover as it is very light and easy on our digestive machinery. And I believe every culture has its version of rice dishes. So it is a fantastic option on the first date as it is less messy and you can avoid the stains on your clothes.

Salads – It could be a great choice if you are conscious of the calories you are taking. As it is less in calories, it won’t be a trouble for your stomach. So, make healthy food and build your date on the foundation of a healthy relationship.

I hope these food items solve your worries about what you want to have on your first date.


How to look hot on the first date?
Wear something in which you feel comfortable because that is the key for the first date. When you look confident, it automatically makes you look hot and sexy. If you are wearing makeup, make sure to put the best lipstick that suits you most. Moreover, it is just an attention grabber to your sexy, kissable lips.

What color should opt for the first date?
Black is a go-to go color. As the new study, it is suggested that black easily beat the red color when it comes to the first date.

What is the most attractive and seductive color to be worn on a first date?
As per the survey, men find women attractive in red. The other seductive colors for a woman are purple, black, green, and magenta.

What color of clothing makes the best first impression?
Red and black are the most popular in giving the best first impression. Moreover, it is to be believed that red and black are the most sexually attractive colors.

What are the things that a girl should carry on her first date?
A girl should carry all the makeup essentials which she usually applied like eyeliner, hairpins, lipsticks. And mouth mint spray, and tissues. The most crucial thing safety pins, sanitary pads, or tampons for an emergency.

What clothes are considered suitable for the first date?
Always avoid the things you feel conscious; for me, stilettos and high heels are very much uncomfortable. Finish up the look with jewelry or accessories and light makeup.

What is the percentage for the first date that ends with a kiss?
50% of the first date ends with a kiss.

What should not do on a first date?
Avoid getting overdrunk, never eat with an opened mouth, try to avoid the word ‘my ex,’ and lastly, don’t comment on what other people are having on their plates.

Is it right to kiss on a first date?
If you’re feeling no kiss vibe, then definitely kiss on a first date should be avoided. So best not to hasten for the moment. Let enjoy the company of each other and let things happen naturally.

Who should initiate the kiss on the first date?
See, there are not any hard and fast rules for kiss initiation. When you are approaching for the kiss, my suggestion is that just close your eyes and feel the warmness of your lover or beloved and just feel the moment.

Is it right to hug on the first date?
I think a sweet and loving hug for the first date. But it should be a friendly and warm hug first. However, a classic handshake can be a good alternative. 

How to end the date?
You can wrap up your first day by expression care and concern like saying, take care. And one should not misguide and gives them false hope. For instance, fixing the time and location for the next date, it’s rude to make plans and avoid or cancel it later.

Is it strange not to kiss on the first date?
You can kiss on the first date but lightly, not a full-on make-out sesh. I think one should not kiss if you met on some dating app. Though if you already knew each other, then you can go for the same. However, the kiss should be a goodbye kiss instead of the middle or beginning of the date.


Well, I think all girls went through this stage to feel nervous and anxious about her first date. All girls tend to consider how to look perfect and the first date outfits that guys love. See, there is no hard and fast rule for the dating dressing. The most important thing for the first date that guys love is your winning smile and confidence; the rest of the items come in second place. However, we girls used to overthink about the outfits, makeup or hairstyle, etc. The dressing is given the first impression but with the time, your heart and genuineness matter. 

I will share a few tips to always bear these 5 points in your brains while picking first date outfits that guys loved.     

1. Wear as per the venue – If you plan for some fancy restaurant, you can choose some dresses for the day. So decide where your date is heading, so choose accordingly.

2. Pamper your hair – If possible, take a hair spa before your dating day as the hair is one of the best and sexiest features of any woman. So give it nourishment and care before hairstyling it.

3. Accessories can be the icing on the cake – No matter what you choose for the date, but your look remains incomplete without accessorizing it. So pick out some funky hair accessory or pendants that will make you look to the next level.

4. Smell Good– Pick a good fragrance for the day, as guys might get crazy about the smell you wear. For me, smelling good is the key as the foul odour is such a turn-off.

5. Make sure your dress in wrinkle-free – Make sure your dressed is washed and ironed properly. Your wrinkle-free clothing helps in eliminating stress wrinkles from your face.

Use these tips and tricks to make your date perfect. And, please do share for first date outfits stories. I would love to hear it.

Happy Dating!

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