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Master The Art Of How To Dress Like A Badass With These 20 Tips.

Master The Art Of How To Dress Like A Badass With These 20 Tips.

Top 20 Ways to dress like a Badass.

Hey, beauties welcome to my blog. Hope life is treating you well. Today I am feeling enthusiastic and lively, don’t know the reasoning behind though. So I am feeling like wearing something which reflects my badass attitude. I am thinking about what kind of dressing will perfectly blend into my today’s mood. And I believe sexy badass outfits are my mood for the day. So I decided to pen down my ideas and learnings on the badass dressing.

I am hoping that I will erase all your doubts about how to dress like a badass woman.

Hence, grab a cup of coffee and when your coffee ends, so this blog. So are you ready to be Miss Badass?

What is the meaning behind the term Badass Woman?

A badass woman raises their voice against hierarchy, patriarchy, or customary notions. She is brutally confident, who stands up for herself in any situation.

The Alpha is a highly optimistic and self-possessed woman. She knew what she needs and how to ask and how to fulfil it. She is a true pragmatic. She appreciates what she has received from her life.

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What are the signs of Badass Woman?

There are twelve signs of a Badass woman that are :

A Badass Woman is brutal, honest, and confident.
A Badass Woman doesn’t care about conventional notions.
A Badass Woman celebrates her skin and body every day.
A Badass Woman doesn’t offer justification if she knew she is right.
A Badass Woman never opens a victim card.
A Badass Woman despises the ones who try to hurt others.
A Badass Woman doesn’t need a men’s wallet.
A Badass Woman knows her worth.
A Badass Woman doesn’t take unpleasant things from a guy.
A Badass Woman disliked the women who don’t support the other women.
A Badass Woman believes in the idea of forgiveness.
A Badass Woman is their own best friend.

What is the meaning of Badass Girl Clothing?

The old menu of badass dressing has been stale. Now the badass styling doesn’t mean plunging necklines adjoined with PVC and chains. Being a badass means is living with your style and owning it. Badass styling has evolved much. Now dressing like Sarah Connors is not a perfect dressing sense for badasses. An Alpha woman can style up in any genre they like. For me, Kamala Harris is a badass who questioned the Trump administration during Senate hearings. Michelle Obama is a badass for her inspirational deeds. Jacinda Arden is a badass against inhumanity. Oh, hell, yes, these savage women are real badasses, but they haven’t dressed in wife beaters.

A Badass Style of Clothing does not have any standard rules. Wear anything you love that compliment your body and style. A badass dresser can be any style that reflects just you. So lets read the rest of the blog to master the method of badass clothing.

How to dress like a badass?

Let’s begin with the main topic of today’s blog: how to dress like a badass woman. I think every girl has a specific sense of taste related to fashion. Don’t worry; I won’t suggest you wear something that is totally out of the box for you. It is like a mix and match combo of your existing style. All you have to do is to put on a spunky, badass attitude that is the main ingredient of the alpha woman dressing. Let me decode the secret of how to dress like a badass and the style you can follow to be a real rebel chick.

My today’s blog will cater you the novice tips about badass dressing. The fantastic part is that it won’t rob your wallets. All you need to do wake up your fashion lioness’s inner instincts and get ready to rock the world with badass clothing. Here are ten best rebel outfits ideas that will turn on the rebel game. Let’s delve in:

I Heard You’re a player. Nice to meet you. I’m the coach.

 20 Sexy Badass Outfits Ideas that will turn on the real game of rebel clothing.

  #1. A Pure Black Dressing + Funkier Jewelries

A Pure Black Dressing + Funkier Jewelries

You are in struggling with the dilemma from where to begin. Then blindly follow ALL BLACK RULE. It gives the red alert to everyone that if you try to mess with me, I will beat the shit out of you (lol). To appear more like a fashion-forward, you can club the black glasses, chunky Jewries, and yes, don’t miss putting on the sexy badass attitude.

#2. Faux Leather Knickers + Bralette Top

Faux Leather Pants and Bralette Top

I am a vegan, so real leather is Big No for me, and I know my beauties know the reason for it; yes, you are right, my love for animals. Anyway, badass dressing looks very much enjoyable when you play your body with faux leather outfits. The leather badass chick looks rebel and revolutionary. I think faux leather knickers or pants make your dressing looks sexy. And yes, one thing which I feel about putting on faux leather that it enhances your silhouette from the back. Are you accepting this challenge to be a badass foxy girl?

#3. Distressed Denims + Crop Top

Distressed Denim and Crop Top

Distressed Denim is the loyal partner of every girl. When you are puzzled about what to wear to give a badass vibe, your boring regular Denim comes into action. Distressed Denim is the essential thing that can be seen in the closet of any girl. Hence, team up distressed Denim with whatever badass clothing you are channelling for the day. And you are ready to delve into the streets of Milan & Rome with your effortless fashion sense. (WARNING – You can arrest for looking sexy badass chic, so better watch out, lads!)

#4. Distressed Skirts + Dad’s Shirt

Distressed Skirts and Dad's Shirt

Distressed Skirts are your true friend in distressed situations. All you have to do is you get into your wardrobe and take out distressed skirts. Wait! No idea what to put on the upper area, go and grab your dad’s shirt and get ready to fit into it. Along with this for heightening the sexiness in you, take some sexy boots put red lipstick on. I believe clothing is a form of expression; therefore, dress creatively to give a badass vibe.

#5. Biker Shorts + Oversized Shirts

Biker Shorts and Oversized Shirts

Biker Shorts or Cycling shorts are a new addition in the badass clothing style. I am seriously in love with this look. You can also add a fantastic pair of shoes that will surely give you the rebel vibes. So take a break from the old badass outfit and include this new sexy look in your wardrobe.

#6. Baggy Pants + Hoodie

Baggy Pants and Hoodie

OMG! Red alert in the town. Baggy Pants looks impressive, especially for those who want their clothes to speak about your badass attitude. One can club these baggy knickers with the Hoodie, and believe me; you will slay the town with your badass look. If you want to raise the temperature, you can also add accessories like sexy aviators, snickers, and bags. This whole package will make your Instagram-worthy. So my badass beauties, are you ready to play around with this look? And don’t forget to post your opinion in the comment box. I will love to hear your take on this.

#7. Tank Tops (Free the Nipples) + High Waist Jeans

Tank Top and High Waist Jeans
@Twenty-something from Sweden.

Tank Tops has been stapled for years. These tanks are always happening in badass clothing styles. Tank tops are quite comfortable, and it can go with jeans, skirts, or cycling shorts. It is very much popular because of its versatility. All you can do is put on your high waist jeans and grope in for the tank top inside your closet. If you are comfortable, then shun to wear anything underneath your tank. The whole look will give you a fantastic sense of an edgy vibe with a rebel look.

#8. Animal Print + Bandanna 

Animal Print and Bandanna

The animal prints are always on the winning list of badass clothing. On top of that, when you add sexy glares and cool bandana as a head accessory, it will just like an icing on the cake. PinkPoop assures you if you go with this look certainly, you will pop-out every person’s eyes. This catsuit raises your edgy instincts. Animal prints are eye-catching and immortal.

#9. Gingham + Regular Denim

Ghingham and Regular Denims

The Badasses see herself as a perfect mix of a hottie and self-governed women. This gingham shirt gives you the vibe of ideal badass who play around with her cute pets, but don’t take s*hit from anyone. This checked-clad woman takes no crap from anyone. She can buy her drinks and pay the bills of men too (no innuendo intended). Don’t think much about this look, follow this gingham style with the correct attitude, and see the magic around.

#10. Sequin Gown + Sexy Glares

Sequin Gown and Sexy Glares

If you are a frequent party goer, but not finding any dress that gives you badass vibes, I am offering you a solution. You can opt for the shimmery, glittery gown with a high slit. This dress makes you OMG-worthy, and high slit gives you a hard-core look with sultriness. You can finish your look with glares that offers you a perfect mixture of rebellious attitude.

#11. Black Jacket + High boots

Black Jacket and high Boots.

Please don’t hate me, but badass can be synonyms of black. If your search for how to dress like a badass in the fashion directory, you will find all are wearing black jackets. It is a popular and obvious choice for badass chic. But as the fashion industry has evolved, so different colours also make their name in the list of badass styling. I am quite happy in my grey jacket, and it equally competes with other badass styles.

#12. T-shirts Dress + Knee-High Boots

T-Shirt and Knee-High Boots.

A long t-shirt and high-knee boots are one of the sexiest badass outfits. Put your hands in the hair if you got glares to wear. Every day is your day to dress up to the nines. And who doesn’t want to look badass with outrageous accessories in their photos? And put the perfect mix of attitude in your personality, and you are ready to rock the world.

#13. Bodysuit + Bandanna

Body Suit and Bandanna.

The bodysuit is a new badass game. You can go with the choice of colour you like. The bodysuit is getting crazier among the badasses, so why not give it a try to this look? You can try with multiple accessories like a bandanna hair accessory, sexy aviators, or glares. Even a sexy belt can fulfill your wish of a badass look.

#14. Lara Croft look + Dyed Hairs 


Lara Croft is always the first choice of every woman who likes badass dressing. The best part of this look is that it adds badass vibes with the pinch of sassiness. To elongate this look, you can go for the dyed hair as per your likings. And with this Lara Croft look, I am sure nobody is going to mess with you.

#15. Jeans Jacket + Top Bun

Jeans Jacket and Top Bun

The combination of a jeans jacket and the top is like badass heaven. The low-key affair with the bangs makes your badass style to touch new heights. This combination of styling is quite uncommon but so easy and effortless to put it. The style comes in easy as denim or jeans jackets are quite common for every wardrobe. So no need to spend extra pounds to create a perfect badass look. Put on your jackets with top bun hairdo, and you are ready to slay the crowd with your baddie style.

#16. Spaghetti top + Loose Trousers

Sphagetti Top and Loose Trousers

Upon hearing the wheels’ rumbling sounds, the next thing you will see from your back, a baddie is rolling with a headphone on a high volume and giving a hard-core vibe. A badass woman can rock in spaghetti top too, which looks quite cool and casual. So why not try this look? All you have to do is grab the spaghetti top, put on your baggy pants, and see how Alpha you are looking.

#17. Blazer + Bag

Blazer and Bag

The Blazer and amazing hand-piece make this look more appealing. You can pick the colour of your choice that is the real attribute of Badass woman. Secondly, the different and vibrant blazer gives you head turns wherever you go. You will become the source of inspiration for many. Post a selfie wearing this look in our social media pages of PinkPoop and be the source of inspiration for many.

#18. Satin Shirt + Trousers

Satin Shirt and Black Trousers

Who says that you can’t be a badass at your work. Now you can follow the professional look by experimenting with these styles. It is not wrong to say that badass is synonyms for being sexy. And what’s wrong in flaunting the things that nature given us. Don’t hesitate to dress up to impress; after all, impression matters the most.
Moreover, you can carry satin shirts with skirts or trousers. Hence, choose the best for you that enhances your silhouette and makes you business badass. So guys, save your ass because the lady in the office is such a badass.

#19. Long Coats + Boots

Long Coats and Boots.

For the badass styling, often, we owe inspiration from iconic film like Matrix and Underworld. In both the film, we have seen the female characters donning the black coats a badass thing. But black and long coat isn’t your thing, then go for vibrant colours like red or orange. Moreover, you can add a funky belt or high knee shoes to look like true badasses.

#20. Cargo Trousers + Glasses

Cargo Trousers and Glasses.

Chain Cargo Trousers are truly a badass thing. All you need to carry your attitude and to give a perfect cool vibe. The cargo trousers are the staple for badass clothing. A black chain cargo trousers are very versatile and can be a closet staple as you can mix and match them with various outfits.

So these are the 20 sexiest ideas to dress like a rebel chic. I believe you got the badass style technique, and now on whenever your brain asks how to dress like a badass? You know the best ways to style like a pro.

20 Quotes for Badass Woman that needs to be the wallpaper of your mobile screen.

  1. “I’m none of your business.”
  2. “Sassy, Classy and Bad-assy!”
    3.” I like me more than pizza.”
  3. “Everyone said I could be anything. So I became Sexy!”
  4. “Be a Badass with a good ass.”
  5. “Don’t Study me. You won’t Graduate!”
  6. “Zombies eat brains. So, you are safe.”
  7. “No, darling, I have checked my receipt, and I didn’t buy any of your bullshit.
  8. “Just like the alphabet, I come before U.”
  9. “Too glam to give a damn.”
  10. “I hope Karma slaps you in the face before I do.”
  11. “Karma’s just sharpening her nails and finishing her drink. She’ll be with you shortly.”
  12. “I’m everything you want but can’t have.”
  13. “Catch flights, not feelings.”
  14. “Humble with just a hint of Kanye.”
  15. “Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast.”
  16. “Shut up, I wear heels bigger than your d*ck.” (This is my favorite lol.)
  17. “I like my coffee how I like myself: dark, bitter, and too hot for you.”
  18. “You want to be at my level? Then climb b*tch.”
  19. “I don’t need any part-time people in my life.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is badass a harsh word?
It’s not a bad word, but it is indelicate to use it when you are talking to your elders or in a formal situation. You can use badass in informal settings or among your companions or peers who may not find it offensive, but instead, find it funny and familiar.

Is being Badass Woman is a good thing?
The badass woman never afraid of taking risks in her life. A risk-taking attitude can lead you toward big wins in life. Being a badass bitch or being fearless can be life-changing and help you achieve what you want.

Why is a badass woman being considered easy?
Well, don’t you dare to think that. As a rebel, women are not easy, but yes, they can be easy in kicking your ass.

When someone called you Badass Chic, we should take it as a compliment?
Others appreciate a woman who carries a rough and tough attitude. So you can count this as a compliment.

What shapes a woman strong?
When a woman is not petrified to share her opinions and believes in society despite other thoughts, she speaks her heart and brain.

Is it right that badass women don’t care for others?
Well, in some context, she doesn’t care what people think. She will make her dreams fulfill by flouting the standard rules.

It is necessary who are badass; they should dress in a particular way?
No, Because it is completely your wish to dress up the way you want. A badass chic all dressed in modest clothes doesn’t make her less rebellious.

Why does rebel chic like to wear differently?
Your dressing sense is a form of expression. The way you dress up, it gives the glimpse of your mind. Usually, whatsoever the person thinks, it reflects in their styling too.

Do badass dressing makes you look vulgar?
No. One can be badass without skin show. So pick the best style out of the 20 ideas which we have discussed.

What makes a woman a badass?
Having self-confidence and audacity to pursue the things which you want to makes you a badass.

What is the example of Badass Alpha Women?
In my opinion, all women are Badass. These two ladies are a perfect example of badass that are-Jacinda Arden and Michelle Obama.

What is the meaning of female Alpha women?
Alpha Woman is self-governing; she can make her life choices. She thinks her perfect partner should be like her.

What are the traits of an Alpha woman?
An Alpha woman embraced her odds and weakness confidently. She is a talented, self-assured, and self-motivated.

What are the best five badass female characters in the books?.
Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, from Jane Eyre, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Jo March from Little Women, Lady Gertrude from An Ideal Husband, and Laura Ingalls from The Long Winter.

What are the best badass names for females?
Amelia, Harlow, Tequila, Raven, Aiden, Raven, Ida, Berett, and Lola.


The standing of women has evolved much in society. Now you can see in every sphere women are no longer in the back seat. They are standing tall and high for whatever they want in their life. For me, badasses don’t define by the looks only. A woman who can stand for her right is badass. A woman who is not ready to suppress by her counterparts is badass. A woman whose favourite position is cowboy instead of a missionary (no innuendo intended) is real badasses for me.

– Married at 24, kids at 25, cleaning and doing chores, ensuring everything is perfect at their house is not women want in their life.

– For the first time in history, women are choosing to stay single and focus on their careers. If a man is paying attention, they feel worried lol as they don’t want to be cowed down by her husband.

– She is not ready for the relation, which on a plethora of rules. Women walk out proudly from the things that are not worthy of. 

– Alpha Woman doesn’t wait for the right opportunity, but she thinks to grab the opportunity and make the most of it.

– Fearless, independent women are capable of everything, so in my eyes, all women are badasses. 

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