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Bandanna Hairtie

Hi, friends welcome to my blog today. We are going to discuss one of the most beautiful and the easiest head accessory which is worn by both the sexes and almost in every part of the world but with a twist. So, let’s dive deeper into the ocean of Bandanna Head Accessory and explore how to bring this in our style closet. 


The background of the word “Bandana” is believed to come from the Sanskrit term “badhnati” which means “to tie”. It is usually worn around the head and neck area for decorative purposes. It is seen as an Indian Hat by some people. The Bandanna Head Accessory was generally printed in a paisley pattern and was mostly used for holding the hair back, which is now seen as a beautiful head accessory.  It used to serve multi-purpose as it was worn on the neck to protect from sunburn and also used to cover mouth and nose to prevent dust inhalation. Let’s discuss its type and different ways to use it as hair and head accessories.  

Sexy Ways To Accessorize Your Head With

There are several accessories in the market, which enhance your appearance similarly this bandanna head wrap can easily assimilate in every look with little modification. So, this style is always in trend because it is a style that is not pressing hard on your pockets. Hence, I consider this as one of the best accessories which should be in the closet of every girl. Let’s discuss what are the different ways to wear it with perfection.

Bandanna Turban Head Wrap

Bandanna Turban Headwrap

This headscarf is quite versatile as it can be used as a head wrap as well as a neck accessory. This Bandanna Head Accessory appends the style factor and makes your fashion sense versatile. By adding this headscarf look on you can be sexy and cute at the same time. So, this is not a time to sit idle and ponder upon. You should blindly follow this headscarf look and enjoy the head turns wherever you go.

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Classic Headband

Classic Bandanna Headband

The Classic Headband is the most traditional one which is used by girls to get their hair away from the face, so it can also become your classroom partner and make your attention glued on the board instead of hair. This is the most basic one but it adds a pinch of style and funkiness in your personality which will easily gain the attention of anyone. So, why not to go for this classic approach.

Boho Hair Head Accessory

Boho Head Bandanna

Boho Hair Bandanna can be your savior on every odd day where you are not able to decide which jewelry to add to your head or hair. This is the best way to accessorize yourself that adds a tinge of coolness with ease. It will work as the headscarf or a head turban and you can modify the look as you want because it is very easy to mold as per your taste, for instance, you can tighten it around your head and give a headscarf look. So, don’t be shy about owning the look of a Boho Girl. So, when you feel like getting bored of this look, play around with your scarf tied around your handbag to spice up in your entire personality. 

Tied in Front

Tied In Front Bandanna

This is one of the most dauntless styles which any girl can put on their fashion menu. This type of style adds elegance in your look because it is a twisted style that involves a bandanna-knot in the front instead of the back one. This bandanna hair accessory can be your soulmate to any dinner date or to any carnival. So, get ready to dominate the world with this style 

Modern Day Cinderella Headband

Modern Day Cinderella Headband Bandanna

This Bandanna head handkerchief, a tie gives you the look of Cinderella offering her household chores. You can play around with this look when you are on a picnic and doing some barbeque stuff that gives you a women-on-work yet trendy look. Moreover, it can be your buddy for a lazy day where you want to enjoy your lazy moments yet not in the mood of compromising your style so adorn this cute head bandanna look and add a pinch of style in your lazy bones days. So, add this Cinderella headband on your head and maybe you find your prince charming too!!


Ponytail Prom Queen

Ponytail Prom Queen Bandanna

A ponytail prom queen is an easy-going style that doesn’t need any special occasion and time, you can add up this hairdo in everyday style because it adds a breeze of freshness to your hair. So, have this head handkerchief, tie in your ponytail, and simply modernize this vintage style. You can grace this look on any occasion like class, dinner date, some event, etc., 

Bandana Bun

Bandana Bun

Bandana Bun is more on the simplistic side because this can be your buddy in pressure situations. When you are all stuck up with the workload, whether on an official trip or whether with household work, all you can do is that you can make a bun and put this head tie on hair and get ready to be a superwoman.
This headwrap will surely help you to give a tuck-up look without spoiling your mood for the day. So, get ready to own this clean look with this head accessory. But, don’t confuse that this can only be your partner in simple looks. On the contrary, you can team up this bandanna bun with the funny hairdo too.

FAQ About Bandana or Head Scarfs.

1. How do beginners use this headscarf?

It is very easy to use, a number of videos are available on the internet, you are one click away from this style.

2. What are the other ways to reuse your old Bandanna?

Fortunately, there are limitless ways to reuse it, apart from using it as a head accessory, you can knot the bandanna in your bag,  your jeans loop and even put around your neck to make an easy-going neckpiece and it adds freshness in the stale products. 

3. What is Coronavirus Bandana or Homemade Masks?

Due to the global shortage of masks, it’s been recommended that people should go for the homemade masks that can be made by anyone with the help of bandana, scarfs, or fabric and can protect themselves from this epidemic.

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