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Best Curling Iron Size Guide And Other Important Information Tips You Will Read This Year

Best Curling Iron Size Guide And Other Important Information Tips You Will Read This Year

Curling Iron Size Guide

Hey lovelies, welcome to my blog. Today I will be sharing some hair hacks that lead you to decide which curling iron size will do justice to your hairstyles.

So let me decode the secret of Curling Iron Size Guide.

Be with me on my fashion planet for 4 minutes, and I will erase your doubt on determining the right curling iron size.

I was naive, like everyone, about hair curler. I could get the perfect beach bangs or a wavy hairstyle with the hot tools like curling iron. But after trying twice and thrice, I was quite frustrated as I am not getting the result that I needed for the day. Thus, I have explored the hair iron tool’s domain to get the perfect curls for my hair. Eventually, my research pays me with the perfect desired result, and I am quite happy. Hence, I decided to share my knowledge with you to have the perfect hairstyle for your perfect day.

Do You Know Curling Iron Vary with Hair lengths and Hairstyles?

You will be amazed to know this, but yes, one has to choose the correct curling iron for the different curl results. Even it is very much significant to choose the curling iron as per the length of your hair. I know you are on the same stage as me. Initially, I also think that to get the curls all; we need to have a curler. For getting the desired result, we have to know the intricacies behind it. So in this ultimate guide, I will throw light on various curling iron sizes and which size is suitable for which length and hairstyle. 

 So we will cover all the sizes of curling irons that are available in the fashion market. After reading this blog, I hope you will be able to pick the best and right hot iron tool for your hairstyle as per your hair length. Let’s see how curling iron size is connected to hairstyle and hair length.

An Interrelation between barrel size and Hair Length.

This is a magical formula that I always apply when deciding for the curls I have chosen for the day. This magic mantra always works for me. I hope it will do wonders for you. Let’s begin-

For Shorthair – short hair required to go perfectly with small barrels. If your hair is short, then you should prefer using (¾”,½,” ⅜”, ⅝”,) these sizes.

For Medium hair – For medium size hair, the best iron barrel is one 1″ in diameter. This is the most appropriate size for the medium-sized hair. The most exciting thing is that this barrel works with other long hair types. You will love this one for its versatility.

For Long hair – Talking about the long locks, then you should consider these sizes (1.25″,1.5″, 1.75″, 2″, and so on) to attain the desired locks.

After using this technique, I guarantee you that you will surely achieve the desired result and hairstyle. I hope now you understand that you need to invest in the right ironing tool for your hair to get the proper curls.

An Interrelation between barrel size and hairstyle.

Your next move should be deciding which hairstyle you are opting for the day. For getting different curls, you perhaps need a barrel that satisfies your style demand. Investing in the correct curling gadget is very significant for your style diaries. For instance, if you’re choosing to get the beach curls and have selected the wrong barrel size, the look will turn into a blunder. The rule of thumb says small barrels are useful for adding volume to your locks. On the other side, if you are a fan of loose beachy curls or messy curls, big barrels should be in your team.

Yes, of course, the size matters even in this lol (just a laughter dose). The size of the barrel is directly proportional to hair volume and hairstyle. So using the small barrel for the voluminous hair is a big no-no. So before buying any curing gadget, these are the points that should be in your checklist. 

The Curling Iron Size Guide – Its Size & Curl Patterns

I think, when you come to this point, you will be feeling quite familiar with the factors that affect your pick on curling iron’s size. Now I am giving you a deep insight into the various available sizes. Here is a list of curling iron that is readily available in the market – 

#1. 3/8-inch barrel

3/8 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide

This heating gadgets ⅜” curling irons is the smallest one. And it is used to create kinky coils. This iron works amazingly on the short hair and gives you sexy short chic hair looks. The best part about this is that it adds volume to the thin hair. So this is highly advisable for the thin lock owners who are seeking the bouncy and voluminous hair. This size is right to go with small and thin hair length, but it can do justice to the medium length also. It is not recommended for straight hair as it consumed a lot of time for getting the desired results. 

Recommended For – Short, shoulder-length, thin, and medium.
Results – Springy Coils, Kinky Ringlets.

#2. 1/2-Inch Barrel

1/2 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide

This is another variation for the small size. I know a few might be a fan of the retro trend that is back in trend. And the best part is that you can have that retro curls with ½” barrel. And if you want style and comfort, then it is a definite yes for you. Because this barrel holds you lock at a single place in perfect order. Short-wavy and tight ringlets are a genre of this barrel. And one thing that needs to be noted that don’t waste your time on curling iron size for long and thick hair. This barrel doesn’t last long on thick and long locks. So it would be best if you utilized its efficiency in short and medium-length hair. And if you have curly hair naturally, then it is a fantastic choice to add the finishing touch.

Recommended For – Short, Bob cut hair, and thin.
Results – Ringlets, finger waves, spiral and retro curls.

#3. 5/8-Inch Barrel

5/8 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide

This barrel is perfect for giving the spring curls on straight hair. I have straight, stubborn hair, so I know how much time it will take if you chose the wrong barrel to get it curly. However, this ⅝” barrel is excellent when it comes to straight styling hair. And it doesn’t take much time; you will get the perfect curls within a few minutes. Even medium-length or shoulder-length hair should go for this barrel size. This will add volume and density to the thin hair. I will happily say that it is a boon for the thin-hair girl. Finally, it should be in the recommendation list of the ones who have naturally curly hair, just hover this magical barrel around your hair and get ready to see the magic around.

Recommended For – Thin, medium, or shoulder-length hair.
Results – Spiral curls and Perm curls.

#4. 3/4-Inch Barrel

3/4 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide

This is wow because it can be used on different hair lengths. This barrel works on shoulder-length, medium hair, and long hair though they will fade with time. This indicates that they won’t last long and get loose as the clock tickles. However, it is perfect for adding volume and density to the hair, so it is perfect for thick hair. But the best and most fantastic feature is its Vintage Curls. So this should be a definite pick for you to get the polished curls.

Recommended For – Thin, thick, and shoulder-length.
Results – Carrie Bradshaw curls, Corkscrew, and vintage or retro curls.

#5. 1-Inch Barrel

1 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide

The 1 inch considered the standard size for the curling iron. And barrel size has a huge demand in the market. It is not wrong to say that this barrel size is a favorite of manufacturers. The curling kits with interchangeable barrel always put this size in the default. It is known for its versatility that accommodates the need for short to medium hair. However, it is an ideal barrel size that creates a different style of curls. This is not recommended for too small and not too large. As the curl effect doesn’t visible on very short hair. Although the 1-inch barrel is a medium-length barrel and this makes the approach for this barrel wider. So if you are planning for the beach vacay, then this should be a definite styling product.

Recommended For – For all hair types.
Results – Hollywood Curls, Polished and textured curls, Beachy waves, Natural waves, loose curls, glam waves, full-bodied, defined curls, full-bodied waves, volume curls with bends, tousled curls, flipped ends.

#6. 11/4-Inch Barrel

11/4 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide.

You will amaze to hear that this 11/4-inch barrel will do exceptional work on hair. Don’t worry; you can use this excellent beauty equipment for thin and thick hair. This barrel does terrific work on adamant straight locks that refutes to give your curly look. However, users should have minimal shoulder-length hair to get the curls else; it gets difficult to hold the curls. This sized barrel doesn’t add volume and density to the hair used for curling by thick and thin hair owners. Every girl’s fond of this barrel because the most famous beachy and messy hairdo is the forte of this iron. This is considered the most appropriate for the loose and undone hair look. Once you get comfortable with this product, you will enjoy this product output.

 Highly Recommended For  – For all long hair and medium.
Results  – All types of curls.

#7. 11/2-Inch Barrel

11/2 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide

This is a large barrel size curl iron that helps in giving you big curls. If you are fond of big and voluminous curls, then it is a solution to all the problems. This is not made for short hair, so it is not suggested bringing in use. Moreover, if you still use it, then remember there are chances of burning. This doesn’t add volume to your hair, so it is OK for thin and thick locks. Girls with a long length or medium hair length can get fantastic results from the same. 

Recommended For – For all long hair and medium.
Results – Loose beachy waves, Bouncy Curls, Voluminous Curls, Undo waves, and classic loose waves.   

#8. 13/4-Inch Barrel

13/4 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide

Well, if you have a love for short hair, then you should go for this product. This barrel size will add volume and density to your short hair and give a magnificent look for the day. It performs great on the long hairs if you desired to have the beach and loose waves. I can vouch over this; you can love this for its versatility. Though, it is recommended if you wish you have tight curls. 

Recommended For – For all long and extra-long hair.
Results – Loose beachy waves, Bouncy Curls, Voluminous Curls, Undo waves, and classic loose waves.    

#9. 2-Inch Barrel

2 Inch Barrel Curling Iron Size Guide.

If you’re tired of using short barrels for long hair that consumes too much for the desired result, you should switch the old one with this. It is specially designed for long and extra-long hair. It doesn’t add volume so that it can be used for thin and thick hair types. It is very difficult to get tight curl with this barrel size. But if your goal is to get lossy beach wavy hairdo, you will be amazed to see this barrel’s work.

Recommended For  – For extra-long hair.
Results  – Loose beachy waves, Defined Curls, and Tousled loose waves.

Overview of the best Size Curling Iron Guide

Barrel Size Hair Length Desired Curls
3/8 Inch Short, thin and medium. Springy Coils, Kinky Ringlets.
1/2 Inch Short, Bob cut hair, thin hair. Ringlets, finger waves, and retro curls.
5/8 Inch Thin, shoulder-length. Spiral curls and Perm curls.
1 For all hair types. Hollywood Curls, glam waves, full-bodied, defined curls, full-bodied waves, flipped ends.
1/4 For long hair, and medium. All types of curls.
11/2 For long hair, and medium. Loose beachy waves, Bouncy Curls, Voluminous Curls, .
13/4 For long and extra long hair. Loose beachy waves, Bouncy Curls, Voluminous Curls, Undo waves, and classic loose waves.
2 For extra long hair. Loose beachy waves, Defined Curls, and Tousled loose waves.

I hope now you are clear  which barrel size  is suitable for the hairstyle you need as per occasion. So get ready to shine in the world with your sexy locks. 

3 Different shapes of the barrel and its benefits?

There are several options in barrel shapes. So people can choose as per their convenience. Generally, the three types of curling wands are cylindrical barrel built-in clip, tapered barrel with a thick base and narrower at the tip, and the basic cylindrical tip that has even shaped. These curling irons are known for creating different sized curls, and they are used for different occasions.

But if you are a novice in this curling tools game, I recommend going with the basic one. I feel it’s great to treat yourself with a fancy, seven, or 10-in-1 hair curler set. But, if you are adventurous, then interchangeable barrels will definitely come in use.

#1. Cylindrical barrel with a built-in clip

This is the most popular one as the built-in clip makes it easier to style the hair. This curling wand comes in a straight, cylindrical barrel with a clip in the front that can be closed and open with the fingers’ help. The most amazing feature of this wand is that it secures your hair when you rotate the curling wand. This gives consistent curls in size.

This wand helps you in giving you the even-sized curls. The only thing that I need you to know that you might get the clip marks or creases if you’re continuing without correcting the position. And you will see the uneven results at the end. I would like you to give some suggestions to You tubing before using these wands. You will be amazed to see the beauty of this wand once your hands get easy on this.

#2. Straight Cylindrical Barrel

This barrel doesn’t have the clip that holds the hair in place while curling. Instead of clamping, all you need to do is wrap your hair around the curler, hold it for a few seconds, and then release it. It is best for creating large waves as it allows the more area for curling that makes it easier to check the curls’ size with this styling tool. This barrel is known for its versatility. So go for this barrel if you want the consistent size in the curls. These come with a heat-protective glove for safely heated styling.

#3. Conical Wand or Tapered Barrel

It has a wider base with a narrower end; cone-shaped curling wands will create natural-looking. This barrel gives you amazing versatile big small curls. If you twist your hair around the base, you will end up getting large and voluminous curls. And if you go for the narrower tip, you will get tighter and more defined curls.

Do You Know which is the best material for Curling Iron?

It is made up of different materials, but the most popular are tourmaline, gold-plating, ceramic, Teflon, and titanium. But the materials have pros and cons that I will be going to discuss below.

The barrel is the most significant part of any curling product. Hence, choosing the right barrel with the right material is a tricky job. So choosing the right material helps you in giving amazing curls without damaging your hair.


Suppose you want to curl your hair without excessive heat, then you should go for this. Tourmaline is used for coating the solid ceramic plates. It is used over the curling iron to flatten the surface and help to trap the dampness. The curling iron that has tourmaline coating helps in evenly distributing the heat through the hair. Evenly distribution eliminates the chances of getting burnt while styling. I highly recommend using this if you hate the excessive heat during curling or straightening, then should go with tourmaline.


Ceramic is a non-mental material that is known for its evenly and consistent dispersion of heat. So this helps you to get long-lasting results.  Secondly, it is gentler than metal base curlers on dealing with your every type of hair. And it is ideal for damaged and delicate hair. Before buying, you need to understand that curlers with ceramic wands and ceramic coating must be handled carefully. As the material is brittle due to the high conduction of heat that makes it more prone to cracking. It is quite expensive, comparatively, but it is a boon to anyone who wants gentle and light curler.


If you have a good budget, you can go or this, But I want to tell you that the above-discussed material is better than this one. So don’t let fool yourself merely by appearance.  However, gold is good for your hair. The particles that are presented in gold keep your hair nourished. If we compare gold-plated curling iron with other materials, gold barrels give you long-lasting results without much damage.


Titanium is the lightest material; it heats up very fast as it absorbs the heat quickly. It is ideal for the ones who have thick hair and coarse hair. It makes the thick hair smooth and silky. Beware who have thin hair as it soaks up moisture from your hair and leaves it lifeless and dry. If you are a first time user of titanium curling iron then, you should be very careful while using it heats up very quickly so it can be easy to damage your hair.


I will never suggest you go with this barrel as it may damage your hair. Chrome produces excessive heat that ends up with fried hair due to its uneven heat dispersion. However, when you know its price initially, you will be happy to hear, but I suggest you don’t go for a cheap thing. Cheap things made you suffer, and you may end looting your pocket to make the damage undone. This is something that I strongly recommend not to buy.


Well, Teflon is used for coating iron barrels. I do not consider this as it is poor in heat distribution that makes it difficult to use. It leaves you hair frizzy and dull as it sucks all the moistures from your hair. So you can’t rely on this when you come to styling your hair.


I will give five stars to the ceramic iron rod with tourmaline added.
For thick or coarse hair, a titanium-barreled road will do justice.
A Gold-plated is suitable if your pocket is allowing.
For Chrome and Teflon, a big no.

Do you know about the Heat Settings of curling iron?

Heat settings are the crux for long-lasting curls. But creating the right balance with heat setting, you can avoid the risk of hair frying. The thick and thin hair needs low heat while the thick hair needs high-intensity heat. But remember, whatever your hair type is, one should not exceed 450 degrees Fahrenheit, always apply heat protectant before commencing with the hair-styling.  

Heat setting for Curly and Thick hair: You can set the temperature ranging from 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thin or chemically treated hair: Never exceed the heat setting higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. As fine or chemically treated hair, are more prone to heat damage.

Medium-thick hair: If your hair is medium in thickness, you should go for a curling iron ranging in temperatures from 300 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit.


1. What is the best curling iron size for thick hair?

Curling Irons use titanium or 24K gold coating known for its even distribution of heat that makes holding the thick hair.

2.  What is the best curling iron size for short hair?

 ¾  to 1 barrel is considered best for ironing short hair.

3. What is the best curling iron size for Long hair or extra long hair?

 2-Inch barrels are best for long hair.

4. Which one is the best curling iron 1 inch or 1.25 inch?

A 1.25-inch adds volume and density to your hair, giving you soft curls that are large and voluminous. And 1 inch is known for its classic and Hollywood curls.

5. Which is the correct size curling iron to use on bangs?

You can use a ceramic curling iron with a 5/8″ or 3/4″ barrel size to curl and direct bangs.

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