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The Best Daily Skin Care Routine At Home, Tips You Will Read This Year

The Best Daily Skin Care Routine At Home, Tips You Will Read This Year

Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

Heyy, beauties, welcome to my blog. Today I am going to cover the topic of daily skincare routine at home. I hope you will love it as we all wish for flawless skin somewhere in our mind. So lets deep dive into the skin sphere.

Like I always said, grab a cup of coffee with some snacks to enjoy the blog more. LOL

See, it is well known that all the girls wish and pray for healthy and glowy skin. But it is not possible due to some constrains like a financial or busy schedule. Numerous products in the market claim to give you health and glowy skin. Sadly, we have to look in our pockets before making a purchase. Do not worry because the products claiming to give you shiny skin can be mere a lie. I am sharing the few hacks or tips from the nature prescription that will surely give you the results. The best part about natural product is that they are chemical-free and safe.

Wouldn’t it be great if your skin takes care of itself? No need to worry 

How to build a daily skincare routine at home naturally?

Let’s begin with the daily skincare routine for glowing skin home remediesWhether your skin type is oily, dry or a combination of two, what matter is following some way or regime properly. I know, now you’re going to think, we do not get the time to do all these things. See unless and until we will not feel about your skin needs no one in the world can do anything for you. I will suggest you, please make a routine for your skin as it will improve skin health, and you will see that it will enhance specific concerns like scarring, dark spots and acne. I know your question would be, what should a daily skincare routine be? An easy and proper daily skincare routine at home consists of four basic steps which you can easily follow in the morning and before bed at night. Let me put a full stop to your worry about how to do skincare routine at home?

We have listed five home remedies for you, which gives you excellent results when you add to your skincare routine every other day.

#1. Almond Oil Face Massage

How to remove darkness around lips corner fast
How to remove darkness around lips corner fast

Apply a few drops of almond oil all over your face. You can also do it with your hands, but it will be like icing on the cake if you use a stone roller. Make small movements from inward and outwards, and top to bottom with a gentle hand with light pressure. You can continue to do it for 10 minutes; then, you can wash it off with warm water and a cleanser. Almond oil treatment gives deep nourishment to the face, and it helps in promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage.

#2. Virgin coconut oil

If you do not want to add almond oil in your daily skin care routine for some reason, you can go for coconut oil that possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other fantastic healing properties. But, it might not work for every skin type. It is highly recommended not to go with this step if you are allergic to coconut oil. This is the best daily skin care routine at home, naturally. Research Trusted Sources say that coconut oil is a good moisturizer. Hence, massage with coconut oil on to your face for 5 to 10 minutes and allow it to soak in for a few minutes before washing off.

#3. Aloe Vera

How to get rid of dark lips overnight.
How to get rid of dark lips overnight.

Aloe Vera is something that takes the responsibility to make your skin firm and healthy. This is the best thing to include in your daily skin care routine at home. You are using aloe vera to boost the growth of new cells. It also relaxes and moisturizes without closing the pores on the skin. If you use aloe vera after cleaning your face regularly, it may naturally give your skin the healthy glow you seek in your daily skin care routine. That maybe you are allergic to this, so make sure to do a patch test or hand-test before applying.

#4. Oatmeal Soak to Cool Your Skin

If you add a cup of oatmeal to a warm bath. It can hydrate your skin very well. The oat itself is a very soothing product. It makes your skin for absorbing moisture from the warm bathwater.

#5. Home made Oatmeal Honey Mask

Daily skin care routine at home
Daily skin care routine at home

Oatmeal can be a great exfoliator; hence take a bowl and mix two tablespoons of oats and one tablespoon of organic honey, and a dash of h2O or water. And it is suggested to warm up the mixture, and when the mixture is adjusted to the average temperature when you can use it on your skin, rub it on your skin. Just after exfoliating, wash it right away, or you can leave it on your skin until it dries off as a hydrating and soothing mask.

#6. Milk

Milk to hide dark spots without makeup
Milk to hide dark spots without makeup

Milk contains anti-inflammatory properties. Milk has the benefits of lactic acid, which is a mild and natural exfoliant. To use in on your skin all you need to do is to soak a clean cloth (like a towel or wash cloth) in a bowl of cool milk and place the milk-soaked cloth on the dry areas. Lactic acid can give a burning sensation so use it with caution. Hence, it is always recommended using it with caution.

#7. Natural Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

This is one of the best methods which I used as a daily skin care routine at home. This is the best natural daily skin care routine for making it take 1/2 cup of sugar with two tablespoons of olive oil. I love to add an essential oil lavender which gives me a sense of relaxation and the natural fragrance which relieves my mind and soul. All you should is to scrub into your skin and then rinse it off. Lastly, use a soothing moisturize to seal the benefits of freshly exfoliated skin. Pinkpoop loves to hear from you how you felt while practising the same onto your skin. Please do write in my comment section. 

#8. Avocado Mask

It is better for the ones who have dry skin. All you can do is puréeing half and avocado and mix it with one tablespoon of olive oil, and if you like, you can also add one tablespoon of organic honey for the dry skin. Apply the same on your face, leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash it off. You will feel very impressive, and you can multiply up the outcomes by putting moisturized as well.

What a daily skin care routine should be?

Unique skin is not merely a matter of genes. Your daily habits and skin rituals make a significant impact on your skin. A lot of persons are keyboarding what a daily skin care routine should be? So, let begin with the daily skin care routine steps which everyone should follow.

1. Cleansing Oil/ Makeup Remover

Daily skin care routine at home
Daily skin care routine at home

Perform this step: At night only.
Please do not plunge on your cosy bed without removing the makeup from your skin. Eliminating the makeup from your face should be on your priority list at the end of the day. Use suitable products or a good home remedy hack like to remove the makeup.

2. Face Cleansing 

Perform this step:: In the morning and night.
Face cleansing eliminates dirt, dry skin cells, and other pollutants that remained on the skin surface.  Most of us think doing all this is just a wastage of time. But if you follow this regime for a month properly, you will amaze to see the results. And yes, if you perform cleansing after waking up in the morning, it will prep up your skin to absorb the ingredients of other products you apply on your skin. Making your skin happier, I will be discussing below how to perform a daily skin care routine for glowing skin.

3. Eye Cream

Perform this step: Morning and night.
This is the first thing you should apply to your face. The simple reason is to perform this thing because you’ll forget to do it otherwise. Well, patting eye cream with a ring finger is a way that allows you to tug less with the delicate skin there. 

4. Apply Toner

Perform this step:: In the morning and night.
After cleansing your face, all you need to do is put a few drops of Toner into your palms or a cotton pad and gently smear it onto your face. And the third job of the daily skin care routine at home is done. Let move on to the next step.

5. Apply serum 

Perform this step: Morning and night.
Morning is an excellent time to use serums filled with antioxidant-like vitamin c serum as it will act as a saviour from free radicals you’ll encounter throughout the day. At night use the serum with hyaluronic acid, which prevents your skin from dryness. A serum can contains exfoliants like alpha-hydroxy acids or lactic acid. Whether you choose for yourself, always remember the water-based serums should be setting underneath moisturizer, and oil-based should be applied after moisturizer.

6. Retinol

Perform this step: Night Only.
Omg, retional is one product it owns article, but in short, the vitamin A derivative encourages collagen formation and strengthens the rate of cellular turnover. Retional diminishes the fine line, pore size, rise collagen and elastin formation. It also takes off the dead skin and reduces oil production, unclogs pores, and even skin tone. If you are looking to clear the breakout or fade fine line, the retinol should be on the best friend list. This is a powerful ingredient; hence beginners should proceed with utmost caution when adding to their daily skin care routine. These are the few potential side effects which you can face like flaking, dryness and retinol burn, and also it will be increased the sensitivity of the skin when you are under the sun. This is the reason it is recommended for night usage. Furthermore, it is recommended to start three times a week for the first week or two. Slowly, increase the frequency of application.

7. Moisturizer

Perform this step: Morning and night.
Moisturizing is a must thing for my everyday skin care routine. It not only hydrates the skin but also locks the other layers of product which you have applied. It is suggested that to use the lightweight lotion for the morning time, it gives a better blend with makeup, ideally with SPF 30 or higher. And at night you can go for the thicker cream. It is recommended to look for a moisturizer with humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

8. Spot Treatment

Perform this step: Morning and night.
It is a great way to make your skin happy if you use acne spots or leave-on spot treatments if you are experiencing acne. You can use leave-on spot treatment both morning and night to speed up the curing cycle. If your spot-treat after applying moisturizer, it will make sure the product remains on the tip of the pimple and doesn’t go over the rest of the face.

Be careful of layering acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acids with retinol, giving you irritation. Alternatively, make sure skin calm and hydrated.

9. Face oil

Essential Oils for skin lightening home remedy
Essential Oils for skin lightening home remedy

Perform this step: Morning and night.
If you are using a face oil as a daily skin care routine, it is better to apply it after applying your other skin products because nothing else will penetrate the oil. Oil on your skin works as a protective barrier to help in obstructing moisture from evaporating.

10. Sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen for skin lightening

Perform this step: In the morning only.
One should include wearing sunscreen in a daily skin care routine to prevent UV damage, whether you go outside or not. You should apply sunscreen all over the face so to get the maximum benefit from it. The vital tip is that putting anything or the oil on top of your sunscreen acne reduces its efficacy. So stop doing that. 

Conclusion – These are the few steps for a daily skin care routine that must follow to achieve healthy, shiny and glowy skin. Hence stop making excuses that it is too much, etc. There is nothing in the world which we can perform without making efforts. 

Tip: Take a 21 days daily skin care routine challenge. And, I can vouch after 21; you will be noticing the miraculous results. And after that, I believe you will never make excuses for repeating these steps.


  1. What should be my daily skin care routine?
    The daily skin care routine includes the three basic steps that are-
    – Cleansing 
    – Toning the skin
    – Moisturizing

2. What is the best daily skin care routine?
The best daily skin care routine would be-
1. Use a cleanser regularly.
2. Always wear sunscreen
3. Moisturize your skin twice a day.
4. Exfoliation is must like twice a week.
5. Add an anti-ageing product
6. Do not excessively think about it.

3. What daily skin care routine at home for teenage girl?
1. Cleanse 
2. Wipe off makeup entirely before bed
3. Control oil. …
4. Do exfoliation twice a week
5. Get acne products as per your skin demands.
6. Don’t share makeup things with anyone.
7. Keep your hands clean.

4. Is moisturizer bad for skin?
No. But if you are not applying it with supervision, you are excessively using it, which gives you the risk of older looking skin. If you use too much, then the skin will be extra sensitive, dull and dry, and it also intervenes the natural hydration.

5. What is the best daily skin care routine?
A daily skin care routine involves four essential steps, which one should perform in the mornings. And the best part is that it is for all skin types.
– Stay hydrated.
– Change the pillow cover at least in a week.
– Wash or tie up hair before going to sleep.
– Sunscreen is a must thing in an everyday routine.

6. What are the drinks that help clear skin?
Includes these exceptional beverages for getting clear and flawless skin within a month.

– Coconut water.
– Green tea.
– Cucumber juice.
– Tomato juice.
– Lemon water
– Ginger tea. …
– Spearmint Tea
– White tea.

7. How to use rose water at night?
Rosewater contains astringent properties that help in shrinking the pores and also restores your skin health. If you have spray rose water, all you can do is sprinkle it on your face before going to bed. And to make it more effective, add a few drops of glycerin to 1 tbsp of rose water and apply it to your face. And you will feel fresh, hydrated, and it also gives you a sense of relaxation with its fragrance.

8. How to use rose water as a toner?
Take a cotton ball, soak it in the rose water, and gently dabbed it on the cleansed skin. Its mild astringent qualities aids in fixing the pores and helps in toning the skin.

9. Should I wear sunscreen every day?
Yes. If you do not sunscreen your skin every day, your skin will be damaged, further aggravating skin problems. 
Benefits of sunscreen
– Lessen the Risk of Skin Cancer
– Restrict the Appearance of Sunspots
– Decrease the Signs of Ageing
– Shield the Skin from Sunburn


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