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The Most Amazing 13 Tricks On How To Dress Simple But Stylish!!

The Most Amazing 13 Tricks On How To Dress Simple But Stylish!!

How to dress simple but stylish

Whoa, Whoa, stop yelling at me. I know this post took more than a month. But, I was occupied by household chores. But I promise I won’t let down my girlies who put their faith in me to bring them the daily dose of fashion things. 

I am very excited to write again because your love and support in my comment section made me believe that I am catering something excellent and valuable. Before penning up today’s topic, let me feel grateful that the Pinkpoop family is increasing, as I have witnessed in the comment section of first date outfits guys love. Thank you so many guys for showering your love; your love made me possible to write more. So, I am cutting the crap, lol, and let me introduce today’s topic of how to dress simple but stylish

Looking classy chic style doesn’t always mean flaunting the coolest and sexiest trends or putting complicated styling things, or wearing the most expensive items. (OMG, who has the bank balance for that, anyway? It can’t be me.)

Well, I believe it is pretty easy to pair up a loose tucking in the shirt and carry a pair of sunglasses or layering up if it goes well. I know. I know you guys are going to say that this sounds so cheesy. But allow me to speak freely that the key to being more badass fashionable is just confidence and a pinch of poise. As simple as that!

But if you still need some foolproof tips to help pull off an over-the-top ‘fit or look fashionable without trying too hard, here are 14 methods to get the applause rolling in.

13 Tips & Tricks to Dress Simple But Stylish

#1. Change up your footwear.

Well, this is something which I try when I am in my mood. I do not know whether you will appreciate this, but believe me, when you typically choose the footwear, choose just the opposite of that. Swap your heels for flat ones, like sneakers for high-heels, and your sandals for sneakers. The more wrong it seems, the sexier it is. So, believe me on this one.

#2. Play around with colours.

You can pick two or three colours to give it an excellent base for your outfit. Then, you can add spiciness to your outfit by adding accessories and a minimal touch of makeup.

#3. Some texture game.

Though it is not the taste of many, you can consider this classy chic style by combining silk, leather snakeskin, faux leather, etc. Moreover, you can choose to go with bold colour choices or keep the same tone to manage the sync and make texture mixing more subtle.

#4. Be Colourful.

Well, I believe that looking stylish yet stylish doesn’t make any set of rules and protocols. You can combine neons, pastels, neutrals, and more into one outfit to complete your look more exciting and purposeful.

#5. Wear a matching set.

If you are googling how to dress elegant and classy, it is one of the easiest ways to look sexy chic. Any coordinating two-piece like knit set, skirt suit, jumpsuits that automatically look fashionable. These two-piece themselves make you ready-to-go look, but you can add shoes or a flavour of accessories to it to raise the style quotient.

#6. Graphic tee with a blazer.

Well, when you are not in the mood to do a lot of with your look. In that case, all you can do, which is much easier have to make s bun or loose hair and carry an edgier graphic tee with a blazer and jeans, of course. This is an excellent “high-low.” look which is quite famous for the busier days. It is the most effortless look that fits into casual and dressed-up, no matter where you are stepping.

#7. Opt for monochrome.

Choose one shade, and you are ready to fire the floor. (Sometimes, I got so engrossed that I dyed my hair, too, lol.) This is soooooooo easy and faster for the day as it narrows down the unlimited options. You can coordinate head-to-toe without wasting too much time on your outfit.

#8. Put your jacket on your shoulders.

But why not? Of course, you can carry it like a fashionista and especially when you are going through transitional weather. This style won’t take much time, and it gives coverage plus the tag of the most incredible chic in the town.

#9. Layering is the new trick.

Pro-Tip: Can go for this, especially in winter. Before saying anything about this, I would like to add, don’t be shy to be a fashionable onion. Always remember, like no one is watching, only then can you kill it. I will recommend going crazy over when it comes to styling, e.g., put on a coat over a dress or tights. This is a trial game; you have to try it on before finalizing the look.

#10. Tucking is the real game.

Whether it’s a shirt, jumper, or tank, take the front part of your cloth and tucked it down. See how within a fraction of seconds, you took your look from here to there. The less effort, the better it goes.

#11. The hat is new sexy.

I believe fashion is all about statements. So you can team up a sexy hat, plus believe me, and no other accessory would do more justice than a hat. 

#12. Wear sunglasses.

My sunglasses game is on for me on certain days when the sun is shining bright. It serves a dual purpose, like protect your eyes simultaneously add the oomph factor to your personality. Crazy tip they are much more effortless than eye-make, just saying.

#13. Cross-body bag in the front.

Put this stylish bag around the front and flaunt it off. This is new in trend, and it looks so cool in any style. Another trick is to adjust it so that the strap is shorter and sits closer to your waist instead of the top of your leg.

How to dress simple but stylish OUTFITS FOR WOMEN.

I believe simple clothing is the best one to wear as it saves you time and energy yet serves a trendy vibe in your persona. Unfortunately, fashion is no more an easy game. It has become too complicated in today’s world. Fashion designers are creating too dramatic and complex outfits, which is difficult for many. Sometimes, it gets too challenging to maintain the style and simplicity with the same.

Furthermore, we forget about simple clothes, like tops, skirts, pants. Hence, in today’s article, I want to draw your attention to the most fantastic styling tips on how to dress simple but stylish that you can wear in your everyday life. And I am sure that today’s blog will give you 100% value and helps you in growing your fashion sense. So, let’s take a sneak peek into the mind of what fashion pundits say. 

V-neckline and Spaghetti Straps Look

How to look classy

This look gives you a chic and simple appearance. Statement and dramatic look come and go. Only simple, stylish, elegant, classy outfits will forever be IN. All you have to do is to style every look with confidence. For me, French style is my daily routine as it looks clean with minimalist things. While styling, always remembers, you are dressing for yourself, not for anybody else. I love the monochromatic look; for this style, you have to stick with only one piece of jewellery like some necklace, or black bottoms or white tee works best, and to add more details, you can club the look with sunglasses, sling bags, or sneakers. I am so sure that this look will give you a simple but stylish look.

Furthermore, I believe summer is the best season to celebrate this look. So keep it look cool and edgy, team it up with a faux leather jacket, and style it with heel pointed-toe pumps. Pro Tip: To keep it lower and effortless, try on a plain white tee and a pair of boyfriends, looking like model-off-duty.

Long-sleeve black 

How to dress simple but stylish

Make some noise with a long-sleeve black top paired with high-waisted light blue denim shorts or jeans. I find this is a super easy and balanced look as it adds grace to your look and makes you look hottie at the same time. If you are sporting this look on a casual day, you can add sexy earrings, sunglasses, or sling, which will intensify your look. So go for this look and win compliments and love from your friends.

Long-Sleeves Top With High-Waisted Midi

How to dress simple but stylish

If you have a peppy taste and want to try the classic look, go for the long-sleeved top tucked in a high-waisted A-line black midi skirt. I love accessorizing this look by adding a retro shoulder bag and high-heel sandals.

White Shirt


White shirt look can never turn you down as it is on you, like if you want to add a chic vibe, then let loose your hair and accessorize with hops, and you can team up with a skirt or boyfriend denim. And if you want to look elegant and want to impress your office team with your look, you can go for black trousers or a black skirt; believe me, you will kill it. WARNING- Your look can divert your boss’s eyes, lol.

Tank Top

 How to dress simple but stylish

Well, nothing is going right in your life; add the tank top to your look. See, this is my experience when I was going through my break-up phase. You are internally draining yourself, but I do not want to show this to anybody, and I believe styling your look is the best way to hide your emotions. Meanwhile, I got compliments, and that made me believe why to cry; there are so many people whom I can kill with my look, lol. You can pair a tank top with denim, and sneakers would be icing on the cake.


 How to dress simple but stylish

I will rate it number 1 in my wardrobe. I believe it is so easy and comfortable that I will keep a statement when I get pregnant. Furthermore, I love the loose outfit looks when I want classy chic style for the day. It gives my body enough room to breathe; what else I needed when I am on my periods and cramps is troubling, but you need to go shopping; after all, I am catching up with my girlfriend after so long.

Grey Shades

How to dress simple but stylish

Me thinking since last night…. how to dress simple but stylish? Here are the answers to my prayers lol; I am so happy that I have the back of my grey woollen sweaters, cardigans, or greyish T-shirts tucked in mid-rise washed skinnies. That looks so so so amazinggggg. Just put it on ladiesss no need to contemplate much…

Maxi Gown

I am a die-hard fan of the maxi-gown with the high-side slit. When I put this, I feel like walking on the roads like model-off-duty, lol. Well, this look adds personality to your being; it keeps you stylish yet simple for the day. I highly recommended this look if you want to look too stylish yet classy. So put it, flaunt it, and slay it.

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