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OMG! 6 Ways On- How To Hide Dark Spots On Your Face Without Makeup

OMG! 6 Ways On- How To Hide Dark Spots On Your Face Without Makeup

How to hide dark spots on your face without makeup.

Hey lovelies, welcome to my blog. I hope life is treating you well. My today’s topic is how to hide dark spots on your face without makeup. I’m struggling with acne issues and dark spots. But, now, I have become a pro in dealing with these issues. So, I would like to give you a few tricks that I have been implementing for years. Hoping it will work for you too.

Get ready to discover – How to hide dark spots on your face naturally?

I will share various ways to how to hide dark spots on your face without makeup, and don’t worry; it equally helps you look divine. Girls grab a makeup brush and see how, without makeup, you will cover the dark spots. And I am pretty sure that you will love my tricks and tips. But, do write in the comment section about my tricks on covering the dark spots naturally.

How to cover scars on your face without makeup

Makeup is the only thing that comes in our mind for how to hide dark spots on your face without makeup. But, all I have learned from years that applying tonnes of layers isn’t the best technique. I have a witness on my skin, applying makeup when you have the boils in your face; it blocks the pores, leading to worsening of the soreness and redness. And when you wipe off the cosmetics with makeup remover at the end of the day, it irritates the skin more, leading to significant complications.

To end this skin trauma, I will share a few easy tips and tricks on concealing dark spots on the face without makeup.

#1. Acne Patches – The Pimple Positivity Movement

How to hide dark spots on your face without makeup
Acne Patches To Hide Dark Spots Without Makeup

Acne patches are the smaller, round sticker you can whack on the spot after the cleaning ritual. All you have to do is leave the sticker overnight to do the magic and remove it the next morning, and you can see a less inflamed pimple. These acne patches also work as a bandage that efficiently prevents you from touching the spots. These are undoubtedly the last-minute savior that I usually incorporate acne patch in the night routine.

I find these patches easy and quick to fix when you find ways to conceal the dark or acne spots without makeup. These patches are available in different kinds, so you can pick one that serves your purpose. The most interesting one is the translucent one because you can wear it on the spots and go outside without stressing even if zits look ugly. And yes, I want to tell you that my selfie comes amazing in my acne patch, lol.

#2. Glitter Kissed.

Glitter kissed to hide dark spots without makeup
Glitter kissed to hide dark spots without makeup

This is the trick that I often use when I planned for the night party. Whenever I feel I should add some shine or vibrancy to my ugly looking zit, then I prefer to use this hack. This hack is the most effective and convenient way to cover my acne scars on my face without makeup. People just thought this is the new style in the fashion town, and they never see that it is the zit I was tricking to veil it. What did you think of this hack? Glittering a pimple or dark spots are your things? If yes, then do tell me in the comment section. I will love to listen to you on this.

#3. Wear fashionable face masks to hide dark spots.

Fashionable face masks to hide dark spots without makeup
Fashionable face masks to hide dark spots without makeup

This is another hack on how to cover the dark spots without makeup that women can use. So, when you woke up with a nasty looking pimple on your cheeks, chin, or under your nose. Then, what is better than covering it with putting the face mask. It will serve a dual purpose; it filters out the air pollutants and covers your horrible dark spots without much effort. Nowadays, the face masks market becomes enormous, so you can find a wide variety that easily matches your style for the day. Why worry? Just pick a face mask of your choice and fool out the crowd effortlessly. People quickly fell in love with your stylish covers without knowing that you are wearing them mainly to hide the dark spots. I think this is the best answer for how to hide dark spots on your face without makeup. The most important tip is that pick the neutral color of face masks that easily match your outfits.

#4. Hide Acne Spots with Sexy hairstyles.

Hairstyle to hide dark spots without makeup
Hairstyle to hide dark spots without makeup

This trick can be a boon to hide acne scars without makeup. When you saw a pimple or acne scars on your cheeks, all you do is play around with your hair to serve your purpose. For instance, you can make a partition between the hair and let the side fall on your face to hide the scars. This is a straightforward and style-friendly approach that can be used by any of you. So are you in for this game? Do use this stylish hack and tell me your story in the comment section and be a style inspo for others.

#5. Cover the ugly zit under accessories.

Accessories to hide dark spots without makeup
Accessories to hide dark spots without makeup

Learn how to hide dark spots on your face without makeup by using fantastic accessories like a hat or scarf to cover up the acne scars. So you can incorporate this look until the zit clears up. You can adorn this hat or cap on your head and manage your bangs in a way that covers up your cheeks where you have the nasty zit. You can go for the curly bangs look; it will give a bounce to the hair, and the hair falling on the cheeks looks smooth and easy. Furthermore, you can own up a hat, cap, or bandanna look, whichever you will feel like to have.

#6. Use big glasses to cover the dark under your temples and eyes.

Glasses to hide dark spots without makeup
Glasses to hide dark spots without makeup

This is another fashion accessory that can ease your pain until the scars fade off. The big or thick frames will cover the space under the eyes and temples. It is one of the quickest fix hacks that every girl can use to hide her circles or scars. So run and find a frame with wide arms that covers more your under-eye area and temples. The dark and vintage glasses are an excellent way to distract from dark spots, and big glasses can easily steal people’s attention. All they will remember about you is your attractive glasses instead of dark spots.

Conclusion: So, these are ways to hide acne scars without makeup that anyone can use to quickly cover up the spots. By using these tricks, you can prevent the worsening of acne. Using these tricks makes you look stylish and happening without giving the sign that you are hiding something. Hence, apply these tricks and see how cleverly you can fool the people.

10 DIY or Home Remedies – How to get rid of dark spots on the face naturally

Pinkpoop will offer you the ten best DIY skin treatments for removing dark spots from your face. The most exciting thing about this skin treatment is that no need to go to the market to get the ingredient because everything is available in your kitchen only. So get ready to be the healer of your skin. I want to tell you that before using these remedies, you should conduct a patch test for sensitivity. And you can see the brightening and more healthy skin within 5-6 weeks.

#1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Home Remedy Skin Treatments

Apple Cider Vinegar for natural brighteningApple Cider Vinegar consists of acetic acid, and as per the research, it is said that it helps to lighten up the pigmentation. It is essential to mention here that apple cider vinegar accelerates cell turnover, which helps erase the dark spots from your face faster. When you apply this formula on your face, avoid apple cider vinegar getting on your rest of the face. Here a few steps to use this remedy –

  • Take the apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl in an equal quantity.
  • Apply this mixture to the dark patches and let it dry for 4-8 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this process twice a day to achieve faster results.

#2. Green tea extracts

Green Tea Extracts To Hide Dark Spots Without Makeup
Green Tea Extracts To Hide Dark Spots Without Makeup

Green tea extracts – Research reveals that green tea extracts reduce the pigmentation effect when applied to the skin. You can purchase it from anywhere. Here are the steps that need to follow –

  • Put a green tea bag in boiled water for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Please take out the tea bag from the water safely and let it cool for a few seconds.
  • Rub the tea bag on the dark spots.
  • Repeat this process twice a day to get the results.

#3. Tomato Paste

Tomato skin lightening home remedy
Tomato Skin Lightening Home Remedy.

Tomato Paste – As per the studies, tomato contains astringent properties that make it perfect for fading blemishes and dark spots. Furthermore, tomato paste consists of lycopene that helps in lightening the stubborn scars.

#4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Aloe Vera Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Aloe Vera – Researchers say, some chemicals present in the aloe vera help lighten the skin. These chemicals are known as aloin and aloesin that have healing properties. Applying aloe vera on the face helps in the reduction of the dark spots.

#5. Milk

Milk to hide dark spots without makeup
Milk to hide dark spots without makeup

Milk – Sour milk, buttermilk, and regular milk are capable of diminishing the dark spot. The lactic acid found in milk helps in treating the ugly scars. Follow these simple steps and be the owner of healthy and glowy.

  • Soak cotton in the milk.
  • Apply the same on the affected area.
  • Repeat the process twice a day to get better and quick results.

#6. Papaya

Papaya for skin lightening home remedy

Papaya – This is one of the most reliable ways to brighten the overall skin tone. Papaya contains the fruit acid that is known as alpha-hydroxy, which is a natural chemical exfoliant. For treating the dark spot this magical fruit, you have to follow these steps –

  • Mash the ripe papaya in the bowl and apply this formula to the skin.
  • Leave the mask until it dries.
  • While removing the mask, move your hands in a circular motion to exfoliate the top layer of skin cells.

#7. Illuminate your day with Yogurt

Yogurt to hide dark spots without makeup
Yogurt to hide dark spots without makeup

This is another skin lightening item you may find in your kitchen that aids your skin look radiant. It helps in fading dark scars by exfoliating the skin. Thanks to lactic acid that helps in nurturing your skin. Lactic acid is found naturally in dairy products, and I think it is the best exfoliator. As it is extracted from the diary, it improves the pH imbalances and refines the skin’s tone and textures.
Vitamin B5, which is present in yogurt, helps to lighten the skin and lowers the dark spots and acne scars. This is the most effective way for how to hide dark spots on your face without makeup. All you have to do is to –

  • Apply the yogurt on the face and gently massage it over the skin for a few minutes.
  • Wash the face with lukewarm water.
  • Follow these steps for faster results.

#8. Turmeric

Turmeric Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Turmeric Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Turmeric is a magical ingredient that is present in the home. Turmeric is the perfect treatment for everyone, but it is miraculous for the ones who are dealing with acne or dark spots. It helps in soothing the inflammation, kills the harmful bacteria on the skin, and fading dark spots.
Turmeric is the fireball in fighting against acne. Its anti-inflammatory helps in calming out the breakouts which occur from bacteria. Hence, it would be best if you tried this therapy for a few weeks, and I can vouch for you to be amazed to see the after results.

#9. Oatmeal

Oats Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Oats Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Oatmeal not only tongue pleasing recipe, but you will fascinate with this when you learn about its healing benefits. Oatmeal considered best for exfoliating the dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking young and radiant. You can opt for this kitchen hack for your skin as a scrubber that diminishes dark spots and pigmentation. You can follow these easy steps that help you to look the way you want.

  • Put three tablespoons of oatmeal and one tablespoon of honey, and one tablespoon of milk and make a paste.
  • Apply this mixture to your face and leave it until it dries off.
  • Rinse off with water. This face pack helps you in giving a spots-free look within a few weeks. If you use these face masks three times a week, you will notice the difference very soon.

This face pack helps you in giving a spots-free look within a few weeks. If you use these face masks three times a week, you will notice the difference very soon.

#10. Red Onion Juice Face Masks

Red Onion Juice to hide dark spots without makeup
Red Onion Juice to hide dark spots without makeup

Onions have Vitamin C; they are the key to treating pigmentation. This natural item has antioxidants and vitamins that give your boost to your skin. Allium cepa found in red onion used in many skins, and scar lightening cream commercially available for treating dark spots. So it is recommended that if you are planning to buy creams or lotions, then go for ones in which allium cepa is present.

Conclusion – These are the 10 DIY or home remedies that can be used to eliminate the dark spots. The best part about these DIY or home remedies is that it is budget-friendly and doesn’t have side effects on your body. Still, I would recommend applying on your hand, and if any irritation or uneasiness you feel on your skin, then do not use that remedy for your skin. You still have numerous ways to get away with scars.

You, Will, Thank Me – 5 Tips About Acne Treatment From Skin Specialist You Need To Know.

For some, home treatment doesn’t give happy results. Sometimes, acne and dark spots are very adamant, and in that case, home remedies sometimes turn futile. As the skin varies from person to person simultaneously, the results vary too. But do not get tensed because the skin and beauty industry has been undergone massive modifications. Hence, the skin specialist gives you the things which you desired. A skincare specialist gives you the treatment as per your skin problems. So we are offering you some most popular therapies that have been used to eliminate the unwanted scarring from your face. Here are 6 top ways that you can use to get the skin of your dreams.

Stress Management
Stress Management

#1. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is the most popular and most beneficial treatment for facial scars—this procedure is used for grave scarring. The dermabrasion procedure involves removing or intensely exfoliating the top layer of the skin by continuous rotation of the wire brush or wheel. It is beneficial in removing the scars on the skin; furthermore, it makes the deeper scars less noticeable.

#2. Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels – This method involves using high-potency acid to remove the skin’s top layer to minimize the deeper scars. Some chemical peels can be done at your home by your hand, but it is recommended to take advice from the healthcare provider, which gives you the best options to provide more dramatic results. So always take advice from a skin specialist to get the right product for your skin.

#3. Micro-needling

Micro-needling – This procedure requires rolling a needle-studded roller device over the skin to stimulate the tissues that underlie the skin. The needle works to prick the numbed skin, and as the skin heals, it makes collagen. It is a safe and straightforward method for acne scarring. Pieces of evidence suggest that micro-needling reduces the acne scars’ depth, and the treatment can take up to 8 months to bring the results for your skin.

#4. Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing – This concept of laser resurfacing is much like the chemical peel and dermabrasion. In laser resurfacing also, the procedure of removal of the top layer of the skin happens. However, you have to be covered with a bandage until it is healed completely. This treatment is recommended for lighter skin tones.

#5. Fillers

Fillers – Skin specialists used this fantastic option of fillers filling the acne scars that help out in leveling the skin tone—the fillers made with collagen or of your fat. Injecting the collagen and fat under the skin makes the depressed scars look smoother. Most fillers last for 6 to 18 months or before, so they need to be refilled, but some are everlasting.

Thus, these are the best treatment in the skin industry for stubborn dark spots. I hope these will might erase the worries from your mind and gives you inner peace. This method helps you to regain your confidence and give raise your confidence and esteem. I highly suggest you pay a skin specialist to know which treatment will work best for your skin.

6 Food Habits to avoid that causes acne.

Food plays a vital role in causing acne and other problems related to your body. Some food makes the skin problem worse, and the other might help give you healthy skin. So we will discuss five food which one should avoid if they are dealing with the acne problems which later gives you dark spots.

#1. Milk

Milk to avoid if you're facing acne problems
Milk to avoid if you’re facing acne problems

Milk – The more milk intake makes you more prone to have ache, mostly skim milk. A hormone called IGF-1 is found in milk that is not good for the body of humans. It is known as the growth hormone, but it aggravates skin problems in the case of humans. IGF-1 is one reason that causes inflammation in humans, which resultant acne and other skin problems. Moreover, dairy products produce sebum that makes the skin oily and greasy, leading to acne growth.

#2. Sugar and Carbs

Sugar and carbs to avoid if you're facing acne problems
Sugar and carbs to avoid if you’re facing acne problems

Sugar and Carbs – It is a well-known fact that you would like to have acne other skin problems if your diet has drinks like soda, cakes, and white rice. The sugar and carbs presented in these foods tend to get into your blood quickly. When your body produces more insulin to lower blood sugar, it touched other hormones that promptly boost your skin’s oil production.

#3. Chocolate

Chocolates to avoid causes acne
Chocolates to avoid causes acne

Chocolate – As per the studies reveal, it is shown that the people who have consumption of chocolate are more likely to face acne problems. With low sugar and milk, dark chocolate will be a better option if you face acne problems. So transitions in eating choices may help you in dealing with acne.

#4. Omega-6 rich food items

Omega 6 to avoid causes acne
Omega 6 to avoid causes acne

Omega-6 rich food items – Diet that contains omega-6 fatty acids- have always been associated with increased acne and inflammation levels. So, the diets full of omega-6 fatty acids and low in omega-3s are pro-inflammatory so choose your choices wisely.

#5. Refined carbs

Refined Carbs to avoid if you're dealing with acne issues
Refined Carbs to avoid if you’re dealing with acne issues

Refined Grains – It is shown that people who are facing the problems of acne craved more carbohydrates than ordinary people who have zero acne problems. Food which is high in refined carbs are:

  • Cereal, desserts made with white flour or white bread.
  • Pasta made with white flour
  • White rice and rice noodles
  • Sodas and other sweetened beverages
  • Sweeteners like cane sugar, maple syrup, and honey.

One of the studies reveals that people who consume added sugars had a risk of 30% for developing acne. In comparison, those who regularly ate cakes and pastries had a chance of 20% periodically.

Refined carbs are rapid in action as they quickly absorb into the bloodstream, which increases the sugar levels. When sugar in the blood rises, the insulin level also rises to aid in moving the blood sugars out of the bloodstream into our body’s cells. It is considered that high levels of insulins are not suitable for the ones who are dealing with acne.

Thus, eating lots of refined carbs gives a lot of boosts in sugar and insulin grades, contributing to acne development. However, this is a vast topic that still needs to research.

Apply These 6 Secret Techniques For Preventing Pimple!

I am going to share the things that I had done and will do to prevent the scars. I have a deal with the issue of acne and its dark spots. Acne is triggered by inflammation, and it entirely depends on the skin type and degree of inflammation; that blemish could leave marks and scars when the skin heals. So learn how to break the vicious cycle of acne scars. I will share a few tips that help you to prevent scarring. Here are the ways or habits that help your skin more likely clean up acne without leaving a spot.

#1. Don’t be a popper

Do not pop pimples
Do not pop pimples

Don’t be a popper – You have heard this phrase before, but I think it deserves repeating. Pooping a pimple does more damage to your skin. Rubbing and scratching acne makes the bacteria sit on your hands, giving you more irritation and inflammation. Instead of scratching, give a dab while treating blemish and just waiting for it to be cured.

#2. Include Sun Screen in daily routine

Wear Sunscreen for skin lightening

Include Sun Screen in daily routine – Acne treatments make the skin more delicate and sensitive to the UV rays. So it is a very crucial step to take if you are dealing with acne. Sun could damage your skin that likely to cause discolouration. Hence, it is recommended, including SPF, in your everyday morning beauty ritual that helps your skin to protect from scarring, cancer, and wrinkles.

#3. Don’t be obsessed with cleaning off the pores

Don't be obsessed with cleaning off the pores
Don’t be obsessed with cleaning off the pores

Don’t be obsessed with cleaning off the pores – I know for most persons crushing and squeezing the gunk out of the pores is very pleasing. But, the important part is that it produces more troubles in the long term. To avoid this, I highly suggest not using metal tools for extracting blackheads and pimples. And yes, avoid the use of fingernails as well. I think for cleaning the pores, you should reach out to the trained professionals.

#4. Stop using heavy makeup

Stop using heavy makeup
Stop using heavy makeup

Stop using heavy makeup – Most people stick to the foundation to cover up the blemishes. But in reality, they can annoy your skin and make the acne worse. The skin products we used to hide acne scars can become a perpetual circle. Hence, it is recommended to use non-greasy and oil-free products.

#5. Stop using the mirror too much

Stop using the mirror too much
Stop using the mirror too much

Stop using the mirror too much – Looking and spending much time looking at the scars make you obsessed and depressed over blemished. Thus, looking at magnifying mirrors and try to squeeze or popping will do more damage to your skiing. So better to avoid too much staring in the mirror.

#6. Don’t go for a strong cleanser

Don't go for a strong cleanser
Don’t go for a strong cleanser

Don’t go for a strong cleanser – It is not recommended to use rigid or harsher cleaner on your face when dealing with acne. It is best to add a gentle cleanser for your daily skincare routine. So, it is best to stick with the hydrating cleanser.

#7. Stay hydrated

Keep hydrated
Keep hydrated

Stay hydrated – Staying hydrated is the most important thing we can offer to our bodies. If you stay hydrated, your body gestured your skin oil glands to manufacture more oil. Dehydration makes your skin look more radiant and youthful. Furthermore, if you are not taking the right water intake, it makes the texture of your skin lifeless and dull, and yes, don’t forget, it encourages redness and inflammation.
Hence, give fuel to your body and make it well-hydrated, so drink at least eight glasses of water in a single day. And when you include this proper water intake in your lifestyle, see how glowy your skin becomes.

#8. Stress Management

Stress Management
Stress Management

Stress Management – As per the American Academy of Dermatology studies, stress isn’t only responsible for causing acne and makes them worse. In the research, it has been observed that your body produces more oil-stimulating hormones when you take the stress. I have been using some methods to cope with the pressure, which are –

  • Jump ropes,
  • Exercising,
  • Swimming,
  • Journaling,
  • Meditation.

So try at least two activities out of 5 and see the magic. But don’t forget to share your journey with us. Do comment or write on Pinkpoop’s Facebook page; I would love to hear your story.

These are the few steps by following you can prevent acne and acne scars. You should carefully watch your pimples and skin because sometimes acne can make your skin worse. As in my case, I have witnessed acne’s growth not only limited to my face only but also extends to the neck and breast area. So my intention here is to tell that address your acne as per your skin type demands. Like in any case, home remedies work for some; it may not. In my case, the home remedies don’t work. Thus, I paid a visit to a skin specialist. Gradually, I got my healthy and glowy skin back. Hence, do not leave your skin unaddressed as it may worsen.


  1. Applying toothpaste will help acne?
    Toothpaste is not the right treatment while addressing skin problems. For some, the pimple will disappear, but it leaves your skin with irritation.

2. How to reduce the inflammation and size of a pimple overnight?
The best and safest way is to ice your pimple. As it will reduce the size of your spot, and eventually, it will go away completely. Ice can reduce redness and inflammation; thus, it makes pimples less noticeable.

3. Can I pop my pimple?
Well, it’s always tempting to pop or squeeze it. But in reality, squeezing acne makes push bacteria and pus penetrated more profound into your skin, resulting in swelling and redness. It can also lead to scabs, which might give permanent scars or pits.

4. How to camouflage acne?
Dab the concealer on the acne, and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to absorb it. And then, gently tap the sides to melt the concealer into the skin. And see how flawless your skin appears.

5. Does concealer hide dark spots?
Yes. Dark spots can hide the dark areas entirely until the time has approached to wash off the makeup.

6. Which concealer color is best for hiding dark spots?
Green does wonders on red spots, purple concealer hides yellow scars, and orange concealer minimizes dark blue circles.

7. Does lemon juice help in fading dark spots?
Lemon juice has the quality of citric acid, which is known for its gentle bleaching qualities. So it will surely help in fading dark spots by splitting down the melanin pigmentation and controlling the excess production of it.

8. Does potato indeed help in reducing dark spots?
Yes, it is confirmed as the potato contains the catecholase enzyme, which helps in brightening your skin and making the dark spots fading away. So it is a cheap and effective way to lessen your dark spots. Furthermore, potato helps in exfoliating your skin.

9. Can you apply potato juice masks overnight?
Yes. Leaving the potato juice masks overnight helps you in giving healthy skin and a glowing complexion.

10. Does honey help in reducing the dark spots?
In research, it is found that there is an interconnection between applying a honey mask on the skin and minimizing dark spots. Since honey has exfoliating properties, using it on the face makes the skin rejuvenates as it helps in erasing dead skin cells that give fullness to your skin.

11. Is it right to use an onion extract for scars?
Onion extract is one of the best natural remedies for treating scars. An onion extract helps in improving scars by lightening their appearances on the face. People use onion extract to improve scar texture, softness, redness, and overall appearance within a few weeks.

12. Can we apply an Onion juice mask daily on our skin?
Yes. Onion filled with vitamin C, which is known for treating dark spots, ugly patches, etc. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to onion extract and massage with the same paste gently on your skin.

13. Is vitamin C helps in fading dark spots?
Yes. Vitamin C helps in fading dark spots and ugly patches and helps in giving an even-toned complexion.What is the vitamin that helps in fading away from the dark patches?
Vitamin helps in lightening your skin tone and fading the dark spots. Three vitamins help in lightening dark spots: vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin E.

14. Does staying hydrate help acne?
Yes. By staying hydrated, you help your body to stop building up the toxins which are causing acne. It may also help you fight bacteria that are the real enemy of clean skin.

15. Does masturbation give acne-prone skin?
Masturbation is not responsible for giving acne. However, it has many benefits as it helps in reducing stress and suppressing physical tension.

16. Which food habits are responsible for giving acne?
Carbs and sugar are responsible for giving pimples and stealing your radiance. Hence, it is better to avoid food like soda, white bread, cake, and dairy products as foods high in processed sugar may trigger acne. To avoid greasily and junk food and try to mix more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

17. Is coffee is bad for acne?
Coffee is not the real problem, but if you load your body with coffee, it will cause acne as it is made with milk and sugar, which will worsen your situation.

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