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10 Skin Lightening Home Remedy Secrets You Never Knew!

10 Skin Lightening Home Remedy Secrets You Never Knew!

Skin Lightening Home Remedies

Hey lovelies, welcome to my blog. My today’s topic will be how to lighten your skin naturally with the essential home remedies. The best part about home remedies is that it is pocket friendly, and most of the treatments doesn’t have the side effects. Hence, it is becoming trendy as it is not less than any of your expensive and fancy lotions.

Let me tell you about my clandestine affair with my skin. I have dusky skin, and I am very much in love with it, but I was looking to get flawless skin that should devoid of acne marks and pigmentation. When I was in my adolescent age, I hadn’t got much pocket money to buy the costly creams claiming to give you healthy and glowy skin. So I thought, why not giving a shot to the remedies which I get from my mother. And the fascinating thing about these remedies is when I explored and researched the same, I have found that the below-discussed treatments work. These remedies contain those ingredients which help in rejuvenating your skin and make you look healthy and glowy.


Wow, I am so excited to share these remedies with you. I hope you like these, and please do share you have done the same in your life or not. I am eagerly waiting for your comments. Get ready to dive in the pool of skin lightening home remedy treatments, making you love your skin again. 

Are you ready to plunder the compliments?

#1. Papaya

Papaya for skin lightening home remedy
Papaya Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Papaya has the nutritional properties that make this fruit popular and considered best among the skin lightening home remedy treatments. Papaya gives a deep exfoliation to the skin and simultaneously pamper your skin with vitamin C. Papaya masks help you give you the healthy and glowing skin as it contains the natural bleaching agent. The papaya extracts are known for expanding the production of collagen into your skin. And this will helps in improving the complexion and eliminating the scars and blemishes of your skin.

Things we need: 

 – Papaya, banana, and honey.
– Brush for applying the paste.

Procedure to use:

– Mash the papaya and banana into a bowl
-Sprinkle a few drops of honey on this mixture.
– Mix well and apply the mixture on your face and neck area.
– Rest it on your face for at least 20 minutes before washing it off.
– Rinse this face mask with warm water.
– Repeat the process twice a week for better results.


Though papaya and banana are natural ingredients, it is generally harmless, but if you are allergic to either of them, do not use it as it can trigger mild to a severe allergic reaction.

#2. Tomato

Tomato skin lightening home remedy
Tomato Skin Lightening Home Remedy.

Since I was at a tender age, I have listened to the phrase that eating tomatoes would make your cheek red lol. Well, tomato contains lycopene, which shields you against the sun’s harmful rays and helps you reduce sun tan instantly. It contains natural skin whitening ingredients. Tomato proves to be the best natural ingredient that supports you in giving flawless and glowy skin. Furthermore, it is one of the best skin lightening home remedy treatments that surely help you to rid the tan and aids you curing the acne. 

Things we need: 

 – Tomato  
– Cotton Pads

Procedure to use:

– Squeeze the juice of tomatoes into a bowl.
– Using a cotton pad, spread the tomato juice onto your face and neck.
– Rest it on your face for at least 20 minutes before washing it off.
– Repeat the process twice a week for better results.


Lemon juice can cause a burning or sharp sensation to your skin. Please do a patch test before using this treatment.

#3. Lemon

Lemon Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Lemon Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Lemon juice is widely used as a skin brightening remedy for the years. It has bleaching properties that help in lightening the skin and peeling the dead skin. Lemon is highly effective in eliminating dark spots as lemon is a citrus fruit that affects the skin, similar to oranges. The high citrus acid content helps to bleach the skin; on the other hand, vitamin C promotes new skin cells’ growth. 

Things we need to use:

– Lemon and water

Procedure to use – 

–  Squeeze the lemon and mix the lemon juice and water in equal quantity.
– Apply the same mixture to your neck and face.
– Leave it on the skin for 10-15 minutes.
– Rinse it off with the tepid water.
– Do not use this mask more than twice a week. 

Warnings – 

Always do the patch test before applying it to the skin. The lemon juice can cause a stinging sensation when it is contacted with acne or wounds on your skin. Avoid the usage of this mask when open wounds are present.

#4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Aloe Vera Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Aloe Vera is the best home remedy for skin lightening as it has cooling and anti-inflammatory effects. Aloe Vera contains aloin, which is an active ingredient that promotes melanin synthesis. This aids in lighten the skin tone and gives a natural radiance to your skin. Aloe Vera face masks encourage cell division and restoration of damaged tissue. Researcher says aloe Vera works used as a non-toxic melanocytic agent that helps in treating hyperpigmentation.

Things we need to use:

– Aloe Vera gel

Procedure to use – 

– Take out the gel from aloe Vera leaf.
– Apply the same gel on your face and neck.
– Leave it on the front and neck for minutes.
– Rinse your face and neck thoroughly with the water.

Warnings – 

Do not apply the aloe Vera gel on the wound or injured part of the skin.

#5. Turmeric

Turmeric Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Turmeric Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Curcumin is the most significant element of turmeric. This element is useful in preventing the signs of ageing and dark spots. It gives a natural radiance to the skin. Turmeric restrains the production of melanin and helps in providing an even complexion. It also helps in retaining the skin healthy as it contains antiseptic properties and antioxidants. This is one of the most useable skin lightening home remedy that is used by everyone.

Things we need to use:

– Turmeric powder and yoghurt.

Procedure to use – 

– Put organic turmeric powder and yoghurt in the bowl.
– Make the paste of mixture and apply the same on the face and neck area.
– Leave the mask on the face until it dries.
-Rinse the face with the water.

Warnings – 

Some qualities of turmeric powder can leave a yellowish taint on your skin. But no need to worry as it will be gone after cleaning the face properly.

#6. Cucumber

Cucumber Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Cucumber Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Cucumber is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C. It helps in skin hydration. Cucumber also helps in calming down the irritation and inflammation.  Cucumber is a rich source of cucurbitacin D and 23, 24-dihydro cucurbitacin D. Moreover, it prevents melanin synthesis and sebum formation.  Cucumber helps in making the skin firm as it has collagen-binding action. It also helps in cooling down the skin that makes this one one of the best skin lightening home remedy.

Things we need to use:

– Cucumber
– Freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel.

Procedure to use – 

– Extract the cucumber juice in a bowl and blend it.
– Add the fresh Aloe Vera gel into the cucumber juice and mix it well.
– Apply the paste on the face and neck area.
– Leave the mask on the face until it dries.
– Rinse the face with the water.

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#7. Oats

Oats Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Oats Skin Lightening Home Remedy

Oats is an excellent skin lightening home remedy, which is a unique natural cleanser. The best part about oats is that if you have susceptible skin that couldn’t endure exfoliators, then oats can turn a fantastic alternative. This excellent skin brightening remedy is rich in protein and lipids and makes it an excellent moisturizer. Furthermore, it has rich antioxidant properties that help secure your skin from harmful UV rays and pollution. Oats have a profound ingredient that helps in reviving by exfoliating the skin and gives you a smooth texture and brightness.

Things we need to use: 

– Put three tablespoons of oatmeal
– Take milk to make the paste.

Procedure to use –

– Cook this mixture of oatmeal and milk for about 10-15 minutes till it gets nice and soft.
– Apply the same masks on your face and neck when it cools down.
– Leave the show until it dries off.


Do not use this paste while it’s hot, as it will only worsen the skin condition.

#8. Honey

Honey Skin Lightening Home Remedy
Honey Skin Lightening Home Remedy

It is one of the most straightforward home remedies for skin lightening. It’s profoundly moisturizing all skin types. Honey is a fountainhead of alpha-hydroxy acid and other bioactive compounds that help fade the skin’s pigmentation, thereby minimizing dark scars’ appearances.

Things we need to use:

Procedure to use – 

– Squeeze the lemon into a bowl.
– Add honey into the bowl of lemon juice.
– Use a brush to apply it on the face and the neck.
– Wash the same mixture with plain water.

Warnings – 

Do a patch test before applying it on the face as it may cause a burning sensation on your skin.

#9. Orange Peel

Orange peel skin lightening home remedy
Orange peel

Orange Peel loaded with anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, which works terrific on acne and oily skin. It aids in lightening the skin as it is rich in medicinal properties and other antioxidants. These natural components give you a shiny coat and add natural radiance and glow to your skin.

Things we need to use-

– Half a tablespoon of turmeric powder
– One tablespoon of powdered orange peel
– One tablespoon of honey

The procedure we need to follow – 

– Make the fine paste by mixing the following ingredients.
– Apply the same mixture on your face and leave it until it dries off completely.
– Rinse it off with plain water.

#10. Potato 

Potato for skin lightening home remedy
Potato for skin lightening home remedy

Potato has bleaching properties that slowly reduce melanin production and hyperpigmentation. It is highly rich in phytochemicals such as potassium, sulphur, and chloride, which helps to lighten scars and acne spots. Potato consists of vitamin C, which promotes collagen formation and also aids in preserving skin elasticity.

Things we need to use-

– Take two or three tablespoons of freshly extracted potato juice.
– One tablespoon of lemon juice

The procedure we need to follow – 

– Mix the lemon juice and potato juice finely.
– Apply the same mixture on your face and neck area and leave it until it dries off completely.
– Rinse it off with plain water.


Do a patch test on your skin before applying on your face, as it can be allergic to the ones who have extra sensitive skin.

Omg! The Best 9 Remedies That Can Help You To Lighten Your Skin. Ever!

The dark and pigmented skin is caused by many factors such as poor lifestyle choices, medical condition, overexposure to the sun, or even stress. Flawless and healthy skin is every girl’s dream and in the market number of claiming to give you radiant skin. But seriously, I skip using as prolonged use of chemical-filled creams can destroy the skin’s real texture. Hence, my favourites are natural things which readily available at home. Let me open my Pandora box, where I have assembled a few tricks by which I made my life easy and happy.

1. Get a sound sleep

Get Sleep

I hope it doesn’t sound weird. But taking a short nap indeed makes your skin looking dull and pale. A human body’s actual requirement is to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep that imparts you a healthy and glowy skin. Hence, you need to take enough rest to have the inner glow. While we are sleeping, our body mechanism is at work; when we sleep, our body stimulates blood flow to the skin, which means you will wake up with a healthy and red cheek glow. On the other hand, if you do not take enough sleep, your skin tone becomes dark and lifeless. You may at the risk of developing a dark circle.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Keep hydrated
Keep hydrated

Keeping hydrated is vital to make your body happy. You must drink a proper amount of water for glowy skin. You should incorporate 8 ounces, which makes two litres a day to keep hydrated. Drinking in the right quantity makes your skin look healthy and will improve your skin’s texture and appearance.

3. Facial Steam

Facial Steam for lightening the skin.
Facial Steam

Taking steam is one of the easiest and effective ways to give a deep-cleansing to open pores and eliminates all the dirt. Opening up the pores makes the blackheads soften, which makes it easier to pull out. And steam also helps in promoting blood circulation. Let me share the tip on making it more potent instead of using plain water to opt for the water with lemon peels and using the same water for steaming your face. Take steam for minutes, and then dab your face dry with a soft wet towel. The vitamin C of lemon peels will help in improving the tone of your skin. 

4. Exfoliating Skin With Home Remedy

Exfoliating the skin for skin brightening.

Exfoliating skin helps your skin to get rid of dead skin, which build-up almost every alternate day. There are innumerable advantages of exfoliating. It will help you in getting rid of dry and flaky skin. Introducing this exfoliating routine in your life will help you in sun damage or skin blemish in the summer days. A simple and easy home-made enables you to achieve the skin goals by combining two tablespoons of rice powder and adding a few coconut oil drops. Gently rub this mixture on your face to erase the tanning and improving complexion.

5. Home-Made Face Packs

Home made face packs for skin lightening

A home-made pack is not less than any fancy face pack. Just give a try, and you will be amazed to see the benefits. Take a bowl and mash the banana properly by adding milk and lemon juice to the paste. And apply the pack on the face pack and let it rest for about 15 minutes. Banana is perfect for moisturizing the skin. It soothes your skin while giving deep nourishment. It gives you gorgeous skin. This face pack is significant for restoring the natural tone and glow.  

6. Wear Sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen for skin lightening

Sunscreen plays a very crucial role in saving the skin from the harmful radiation of the sun. So before stepping out from your home, apply sunscreen lotion generously all over your body. And always carry sunglasses, a cap and a bandanna or scarf to shield your skin from sun and pollution. So include this step in your daily routine and save your skin from tanning.

7. Use Rose Cold Water

Rose water for skin lightening home remedy
Rose water

Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties; it diminishes the redness of your skin tone. Furthermore, spraying cold rose water on your face will offer you a vibe of freshness and also helps gives you a boost in enhancing the complexion. The incredible thing about using this remedy is that you can use it anytime.

8. Apple Cider Toner

Apple Cider Vinegar Home Remedy Skin Treatments

From Apple Cider, you can make a toner that removes dead skin cells’ impurities. And it also brightens your skin and gives you a soft texture to your skin. All you do is make the natural tone for your skin, take a bowl and mix in equal parts of apple cider vinegar and rose water. Then, soak the cotton pad in the solution, wipe it on the face with it, and rinse it after 2 minutes. 

 9. Cultivate happiness and stop worrying

Cultivate happiness for skin lightening home remedy
Cultivate happiness for skin lightening home remedy

Constantly worrying about everything creates toxic anxiety, where your mind is steeped in negative, spiralling thoughts. Worries plague your mind and make you afraid and apprehensive about things you often have no control over. Sometimes we believe that if we worry enough, we can keep bad things from happening. But the truth is, you cannot experience joy or even contentment when you’re consumed by worry.

Here are the six best essential oil that makes your skin brightens and glowy.

Essential Oils for skin lightening home remedy
Essential Oils for skin lightening home remedy

I know all of you are amazed to learn that there is various oil, which helps brighten the skin. Mostly, we rely on creams, lotions, and expensive dermal creams to improve your skin texture. But you will surprise to know that many facial oils help make your skin brightening and, in fact, polish your skin’s overall quality. After learning the benefits of oils, the general perception will be changed as most people find greasy and oily, which sometimes worsens skin problems. But fats are simply incredible for the skin. Let me tell you the benefits of essential oil.

Advantages of Essential Oils

– Erasing Hyperpigmentation – It helps in eliminating hyperpigmentation. Allergies and acne cause pigmentation; if it is not treated correctly, it can be ugly looking spots. 

– Lighten Stretch marks – Pregnancy stretch marks are very hard to get away with. But continuous usage of essential oils helps in eradicating using these stretch marks.

– Helps in fighting the depression – It is proven that certain oils help fight extreme depression. 

Helps in fighting with stress and fatigue – Essential Oils helps in curing fatigue and stress.  The essential oil aroma allows your mind to cool down and transport your brain to some other level.

Nourish the skin and keep it hydrated – Essential oils help nurture your skin as it contains many healing properties. And the exciting part is that it makes your body hydrated and happy.

1. Blackcurrant essential oil – It is a great relief for dry skin. It is beneficial for healing scars, preventing the formation of wrinkles, and preserving your natural radiance. The presence of omega 3 and 6 help in keeping the skin soft and supple. All you can do is take the two or three drops on the fingertips and massage gently on your face. You can use blackcurrant essential oil in the daytime. It has fantastic benefits which help in skin lightening. 

2. Grape Seed Essential Oil – This oil is derived from the grapes; this oil is very much suitable for oily skin. It helps absorb the excess amount of oil from the face and prevents acne formation.  Grape oil is very much efficient in lightening the skin and halting the dark spots, so if you have a love for the oils, you can incorporate this oil in your vanity.

3. Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender or Chameli oil is the best for normal and dry skin. You can apply this magical oil before going to bed as it heals the skin and calm the nerves and prevent extreme pigmentation. You can put this oil before bedtime as the oil’s aroma gives you deep and relaxed sleep. So are you in your fat? Try this once, and do not forget to comment on your experience.

4. Argan Essential Oil – Argan oil is also known as Liquid gold because of its looks. It is a product of Morroco. That is why it is also known as Morrocan oil but doesn’t worry about India. You can use this magical remedy at night before going to bed. Apply a few drops of argan oil and massage your face and neck and leave it on the front for the whole night.  It gives a deep moisturizer to the skin. Argan oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. It is also suitable for a person who has dry skin. It is a skin brightening remedy and gives a boost to the natural glow.  Argan oil can also block the growth of pimples. Its beautiful and unique qualities make this oil on the top list of fats, which gives you glowy and velvety texture to your skin.

5. Rose Essential Oil – Rose is more than a beautiful flower. We have seen that poets and lovers have lauded the virtues of this flower. But you will be surprised to learn about its benefits it is a complete beauty product on its own. It will work amazingly without adding any other item to it. Just apply the oil before going off to sleep. This oil helps keep the dark spots away from your skin and erase pimples and make your skin tight. 

6. Olive Essential Oil – This essential oil has vitamin E, which makes this product an excellent item for nurturing skin as it is skin brightening and lightening results.  You can include this remedy for your regular use, put two tablespoons of olive oil to a half cup of yoghurt, and three honey spoons. Mix the paste finely and spread the same over your face and neck area. This essential oil is exceptionally useful in getting rid of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Apply this remedy at least once a week for a brighter result in a week.

7. Coconut Essential Oil – It is an excellent product for lightening skin and reduces blemishes and blackhead. It is a fantastic product for dry skin. You can use it as an astringent, face pack, anti-inflammatory agent and a skin lightening product. Apply this oil at night only and see the magic within a few days.

8. Almond Essential Oil – Almond Oil is exceptionally alimental in treating dark circles under the eyes by making the skin lighter and brighter. It helps nourish the skin by carefully peeling off the deal cells; thus, giving a fresh and sparkling look. You can also use this product by mixing with the sandalwood oil and spread on your face and neck for significant whitening results. You can use this oil for body massage also. Almond Essential Oil will help you in getting rid of tanning and provide your clear and radiant skin.

9. Marula Skin Oil – Marula oil has an Olecid Acid, which is very much needed for healthy and glowing skin. This oil gives adequate hydration to the skin naturally and has an anti-ageing property.  If you love to travel a lot but are scared of pollution and dirt, then this is a perfect solution for your skin. You can use this solution for the best results. Who wouldn’t fall for this brightness solution?

10. Castor Oil – It makes your skin hydrated and healthy. This oil stores excellent benefits for the lightning of the skin. Apart from these benefits, castor oil is very useful in diminishing pigmentation and eliminating the fat resting in open pores. This oil is virtuous for the ones who have normal skin.

So, these are the few oils that help you in getting the skin you need. Many other advantages can be proved a great help to you, and one of them are using the castor oil helps in fading stretch marks on the body.  The essential oils will help you relax and take out the extreme depression from you. Hence, try this remedy if you are comfortable using oil to nourish the skin and make your skin hydrated.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to get the naturally whiten skin tone?
To lighten your skin naturally, use the ways mentioned earlier. You can use face masks, face packs, or essential oil remedies. One of the best ways I prefer the most is massage on the skin with olive oil and honey pack. All you need to do is take two tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of honey and massage on your skin for a few minutes. And if you have oily skin, then adding a few drops of lemon juice will benefit you. Remove the pack with lukewarm water.

2. What are the drinks which are best for skin lightening?
Carrot and beetroot juice is securing the top rank. Cucumber, spinach juice, papaya juice, aloe vera, and pomegranate juice.  These juices contain fibre and other necessary nutrients, helping to flush out the toxins from the body. It also refines the overall skin health.

3. Does lemon help to lighten skin tone permanently?
Lemon is filled with bleaching properties. Thus, it makes your skin lighter a few shades, but the effect isn’t permanent. It is recommended that you use fresh lemons and do not use the stored lemon juice, which often contains water and preservatives that can damage your skin.

4. Can I use lemon on the skin daily?
Yes. You can use it daily, but before starting this method, apply this on the hand so that you can feel confident that your skin is not allergic to this pack.

5. Is rubbing lemon on the skin is okay?
Lemon juice is filled with vitamin C benefits, an antioxidant that helps eliminate skin damage and premature ageing. And lemon has high pH levels; lemon can lessen oil on the skin and mitigate inflammation.

6. Does baking soda help you in lightening your skin tone?
Yes. Baking soda contains bleaching properties that help in reducing the dark spots on the skin. But remember, baking soda can be rude to your skin, so it is suggested to use it with another natural ingredient to make it appropriate for the skin.

7. Can I apply apple cider vinegar every day?
Yes. As it contains antimicrobial properties. It also helps you in diminishing acne breakout when used in a daily skincare routine.

8. What are the ways to practice getting a glow on the face?
Cleansing, exfoliation should be practice. Include antioxidant-rich food in your diet. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is the key mantra.

9. What is the best home-made toner to cleanse your skin daily?
One should apply the right toner after washing your face. Toner aids you in the break down any residue that is left on your face after cleansing. It makes your skin extra clear so that your skin can absorb whatever face cream you will apply.  You can use this DIY rose water toner for your daily usage:
1/4 cup Rosewater home-made.
1/4 cup witch hazel (alcohol-free)
Five drops of essential oil which your skin loves, such as: carrot seed essential oil, frankincense, or lavender.

10. How to clear the skin in 2 days?
Always wash your face before going to bed.
1. Hydrate your skin as dry skin is much more prone to breakouts and wrinkles.
2. Use a Clay mask to penetrate deeper in your skin and bring out the skin’s excess oil and bacteria.
3. Keeps your hands in control and oppose the urge to squeeze the pimples.
4. Steaming your face.

11. Which vinegar is good for my skin?
Apple cider vinegar is loaded with many health and skin benefits. ACV is rich in acetic, citric, malic, and amino add and contains vitamins and enzymes favourable for your skin.

12. Can ACV is good for toning the skin?
Yes. ACV contains astringent acids that make it ideal for use. Many people report that it got happy results after using it as a toner.

13. Which is the best three home-made toners for the skin?
Apple Cider Vinegar, Cucumber And Aloe Vera toner, and lastly rose water.

14. Can I use coconut oil overnight?
Using coconut oil as an overnight moisturizer can be a boon for the ones who have dry and flaky skin.

15. Does Rice water used as skin lightening home remedy treatment?
A lot of commercial products such as soaps, toners, and moisturizing creams filled with rice water. Some people loved this rice water for skin lightening. Though, research is going on and have doesn’t have any evidence to support it.

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